Firmware Download at the JLMS (LITEON DVD) site ?!

This is a bit of a mixed feeling post.

The JLMS site, which takes care of Liteon’s dvd drives, has all the firmware download on hold, for nearly a month now. If you try to click the download link you get this stupid “constructing” box and no download.

One side effect of this is that my site gets overloaded with data trafic, which I don’t mind but my domain hosts do. One is threatening and one has already blocked me for a couple of days. No big deal, I took care of that.

But I wanted to tell you ppl, that you can still get them firmwares directly from them, by clicking on these (undocumented) links:

Why mixed feelings? because the top 2 are deadly dangerous for your drive and it might be the reason for suspending the downloads at the first place!

Still, I thought you have the right for this info.

Take care,
:wink: for the LTD-166S

Dat’s true, and a couple more if u use ur imagination…

since we’re talkin firmware and dvd…

how does the region lock work? firmware or drive differences per country?

I always thought it was firmware so how does a firmware upgrade of 1 file from the jlms site affect that?

The region protection of Liteon/Jlms dvd’s is enabled by the firmware. All official Liteon firmware are set to enable the protection - it’s forced on every manufacturer by the dvd/movie mafia.

Meaning - every time you flash with a new official firmware the drive becomes region protected, even if you had it free. No probs, just run RPCDE again - takes a second. The RPCDE is a live patcher, meaning it writes a tiny change to the firmware which resides in the drive. To be exact it changes 4 bytes.

yeah i knew that. i think i didn’t explain myself well enough…

what i mean is… as u state meaning i am correct firmware enables region protection…

how does 1 file downloaded from the jlms website cater for the different regions?

“how does 1 file downloaded from the jlms website cater for the different regions ?”

??? I don’t follow you - what file you mean then ???

lets say i download

what part of that file understands I am in australia and locks it to region 4 yet in another country it will lock it to that region ?

Follow me now?
I’m just curious how does the firmware knows i am in region 4 and locks it on that for me?

Ye got you now :wink:

RPC don’t give a damn where you live. It’s job is to compare the zone on the cd with the zone the drive set to. That part is not in the firmware. The firmware just tell the drive to compare or not.

righto makes sense :slight_smile:

As of this thread new firmwares available for some burners and dvd’s …

I’m willing to be the reason the older firmwares were not available for download (even tho the files are on the site) mighta been because all those firmwares came orig installed on the dvd/cdrw drive