Firmware Dilemma!

Hi, in the past several days a confusing and take my word for it, VERY frustrating problem over took my computer…

I have a Dell Dimension 4400 with 2 CD drives, my first main drive is a LiteOn LTD163 DVD-ROM and my other drive is a NEC NR-7900A CD-RW

Anyhow, here’s my problem…

It all started the other day when I purchased a new computer game “Medal of Honor: Allied Assault”. When I put the game CD into my LiteOn drive it said that the disc was not supported by Windows and it wouldnt letn me view it. Seeing as I have never updated the firmware for this drive i figured if i did so, it would allow me access the CD. So i downloaded a firmware update and ran the boot disk. During the installation the firmware update went awry and failed. When i restarted my computer the blue Dell logo came on the screen as usuall, but then never left, widnwos wasnt booting up, nothing would run.

After spending nearly an hour on the phone with dell techsupport, i found that the only way i could start my computer was by disconnecting the ribbon cable and power cable.

Now here we are…

I cannot start my computer with the drive hooked up.

Help me fix this problem!!!


Ryan M. Cullan

u can recover the drive using mtkflash in dos. if u haven’t already used it (it sounds to me like u already have since u say u used a “boot disk” to flash the drive) then take a look at this thread. hope everything works out ok. :bigsmile: