Firmware differences?

Hey…my first post :slight_smile:

im a complete newb with dvd-rw,firmwares etc

i got my nec 2510a a couple of days ago and i have been reading a lot of posts in this forum to learn stuff.

I was hoping someone could answer some newb questions :slight_smile:

whats the diffrence between all the firmwares, i see some fw from Herrie, some HP and etc…and some 2.15 fw and then 1.07 …im a bit confused? :eek:
what firmware is the best for my 2510a?
diffrence from 2.xx and 1.xx, Herrie etc?

hope someone can tell me what the diffrence between all this fw are?

tnx…great forum :bow:

welcome to the forum…
please acquaint yourself with search there are several firmware threads that will tell you everyones experiences with the various firmwares.
and read the stickies (especially the firmware and modding links one) at the top of the forum.

i am running herries 1.07v2b4 but since you have a 2510 you would probably want 1.07v2b5