Firmware Confusion Nec 3100 / Nec3500 / Mad Dog

2 years ago I have succesfully applied the Mad Dog to my Nec 3100 DVD burner that I had already converted to a Nec 3500. In Nero Info Tool the burner name is now MD-16XDVD9 and the firmware version is 2.FD. Everything was working great until I tried to burn a new Imation 16x DVD-R, my RecordNow 7.3 keeps saying ‘there was a problem writing to the disk’. No problems with other media, only with this x16 hence I wondered how I could get the latest firmware update. I tried the official Nec update but it would not even consider the drive as it is recognized as a Mad Dog drive. I cannot see newer version than the 2.FD so I am a bit lost as to the path I should follow from here.
Do I have to reset the drive to a Nec original one, is this feasible? Then update to the most recent Nec official update, will this help?
Sorry for these basic questions,

Stay away from these disks, use better ones like TY and Verbatim.
Or try using MCSE by ala42.

I have no problem at all with those 16x Imation media with other burners, only with this Mad Dog (Nec 3100). I do not know how to update its firmware if there is any possibility to do so.
Thanks for your help

You can find all info here:

It does not explain how to move from a Mad Dog to a 3500…
Also if I stick to the Mad Dog firmware,are they not kept updated? Because I do not see a newer version than 2.FD.

It does, just by flashing another firmware.

There probably will not be any more firmware updates from either in the future.

I’m not sure about that, NEC surprised all of us with new ND-3500 2.1B firmware just three months ago. :smiley:

@Christh0phe, use search and visit NEC forum section for more details about 3100@3500 flash. :wink:

Thank you for your kind answer. Like I said earlier the Nec official updates do not recognize my Mad Dog (ex 3100/3500). What should I do to recover an original Nec firmware, sort of refirmwarizing the drive to a Nec 3100 or 3500?

Ok, I succeeded finally applying the 2.1B from Liggy&Dee and it works like a charm. Even my Imation 16x are recognized without an issue.
Thanks again.