Firmware compatibility?

Iam looking for firmware for my NEC ND-3520, DVD-RW drive, but all i seem to find is for NEC ND-3520A, does anybody know if I can use it.

@ HestPest

If you go by the Nec website , they are the same drive …

see link

Welcome to CDF! I’m not sure if there is a difference between a 3520 and a 3520A. NECs site doesn’t show any difference but there might be. Check our
NEC section here.
If you cannot find a answer there you could e-mail or pm Moderator Dee-27. She has a website with the best modified availible. I would suggest 306bt.
You can find her site here

Thanks to you both when i started this thread i was at my brothers and phoned my girlfriend for the information on the drive, turns out my drive is a 3520A. i wasted houres on that.
sorry abuot your wasted time.

I wouldn’t call it wasted time, still it could help other users in the future…