Firmware comparison

i just bought a new Nec 2500A :cool:
manufactured date March 2004 .
its not a costly unit so i dont mind doing some tests on it .

i know of 2 main nec firmware mods :

  1. 2510K0P2 from vlad and igor :bow:
  2. 2k5107v2b5dl herri :bow: :bow:

i also read somthing about a Beta9 but did find a working Link for it
or info if its good/stable . :eek:

i’m a newbie so please bear with me . :stuck_out_tongue:
which of the two above is better and when i mean better i only take the :
media compatibilty / quality of the burns / rpc1 / as little bugs as possible / stability - factors in my mind

the Dual layer is my least priorety cuz No such media sold in my country for now and even the X8 are costly , i also prefer media and stand alone dvd player compatibilty over speed ,
i can live with x4 x6 for now no need to go extreme X8 .

now i also didnt find a good newbie guide to instruct how to flash the unit
with either one of the 2 firmware above - so if you could guide/link me to one pls . :confused:

pls take the time to asnwer my questions with as much detail as possible
cus i am a newbie but i dont want to stay one for long . :cool:

thank you
and god bless you all .

Beta9a is older then v2 Beta 5! Beta9a had some nasty bugs and isn’t available for download anymore for this reason!

Hi vipersvcd!

You forgot this one from Herrie:

As you see, it’s an original firmware without media hacks. It offers best quality with the 2500A as well for me…
If you want to go 8x with lots of 4x media you should flash Herries v2b5…


10x all
so by the looks of it those are the best solutions
so what i’m asking is :
between the original 2510 and the v2b5
ex :iagree: cept that the v2b5 has more media tweaks
are those two the same when it comes to stability and compatibilty

i think i’l go with harries original 2510 that legnerp recomeneded . :iagree:
does it have the “BookType/BitSetting:” option ? :confused:

NO! :frowning:

does the 2k5107v2b5dl has the “BookType/BitSetting” option ?

does the 2k5107v2b5dl has the “BookType/BitSetting” option ??

as i understand the bit setting option helps the standalone player
recognize the media .

if i write on dvd-r should it be recognized by my player
what format is most compatible with standalone dvd players
i have 3 at home one is 6 months old .the other 2 are about 3 years old .
and its the old ones that i’m worried .

how do i use bitsetting with NEC 2500 is it even possible ?
which firmware to use ?

Use this firmware if you’re interested in bitsetting but you don’t care about DVD+R DL capability.

Use this firmware if you’re interested in bitsetting and DVD+R DL capabilities.
Use DVD Bitsetter or DVDInfoPro to set the booktype.

Also, please use the search function of the forum.

Hi Legnerp,
I would like what vipersvcd wants, but I also would like to go 8x with lots of 4x media…are you saying that v2b5 is “less reliable” than the 2510 orig.-turned 2500?

so, v2b4 bitsetting has the bitsetting over v2b5 which does not, correct?

Question now is: is v2b5 “better” than the v2b4 when it comes to stability/reliability to do 8x burns on a wide variety of media?, esp. with the Ritek’s my wife has on the way (so iknow not yet what batch, etc…what should I look for as media identifiers when I get it?


Firmwares without media hacks:

  • Stock 1.07
  • HP420 1.27 (modified for use on 2500A by TDB, bitsetting (same, but modified by Herrie, called 1.08))
  • NEC2510A 2.15 (modified for use on 2500A by Herrie, called 1.07v2b6, dual layer support)
  • HP520 2.21 (modified for use on 2500A by TDB, bitsetting, dual layer support)

Firmwares with media hacks (lots of media @6x or @8x possible) and all with bitsetting:

  • Herries 1.07v2b4 (based on HP420 1.27)
  • Herries 1.07v2b5 (based on HP520 2.21, dual layer support)

I hope I didn’t forget anything. Note that these are only the LATEST different firmwares!


Thanks a lot!, since I don’t exactly need DL right now, I guess I choose v2b4; I can always go to b5 later.
Thing is, I searched Herrie’s site; only found “official” fw’s, 1.06, couldn’t find any 1.07, let alone v2b5 or b5…am I looking in wrong place/way? Help me find them?
Thanks again bro!

Links are in their respective threads on this site.

You mean threads named for the firmware? I have seen some links by some folks when they are discussed, but they are “scattered”; I have done my best to bookmark a few but am getting lost with so many …
does anyone know offhand where herrie’s 1.07v2b4 is?

wesociety gave you the links to those threads in post #7 of this thread. Sometimes you got to wonder if people even read the threads that they post in. :confused:

mdl3r1 - I live just north of you in Sanford. :cool:

Hey michaelc,
i saw his links, and downloaded couple days ago, pending clarifying if that’s the one to go with. Like I said, seen a few places and was not clear which was which when I wrote and asked last time.
Still not sure if there is a “one place repository” where we keep these things, listed and with a brief description. It’d just meake it easier at first to get one’s bearings. :slight_smile:

I can understand how it may seem to you “veterans”, who are familiar with the places in here, and seen the same issues asked before…just be patient with us rookies; we’re all beginners sometimes, and we all need mercy :slight_smile:
btw, I drive to Sanford to visit worksite once a month