Firmware changes or Strat Changesmay lead to weak burns.please read

Hello proud owners of NEC :stuck_out_tongue:

according to my experiences i have seen,

In order for a written DVDRW media to read flawlessy,setting the
correct writing strategies and firmware changes arent always enough.

In order for DVD±R media to be read flawlessy,

  • The media has to have good reflectivity of laser beam.

  • The media has to be written with the correct writing strategies.

  • The media itself has to be manufactured in good quality.

  • Low PI and PIF values are usually mandatory for good readability
    of the media.

    Any inacurate situation of the above conditions will probably lead to
    low readability of the media.

    Because that happened to me :stuck_out_tongue:

    Verbatim 4X DVD-R Media’s are one of those very good quality medias.

    But despite written perfectly via NEC 2510A - these medias are
    refused to be read by my Toshiba 8X DVDRom.

    But when i change the Firmware to 2.15 Revision these medias are
    becoming readable suddenly :stuck_out_tongue:

    That situation has got to the with the laser calibration strategy defined
    in the firmware of the device.

    Here i blame the Verbatim 4X DVD-R Media because it is clearly seen
    that it’s surface thats going to be written has low reflectivity.(First Situation above)

    so from my experience i recommend you to get not only high quality media but also that contains the high reflectivity.

How can you understand that a media has high reflectivity or not ?

Look below part of the media thats going to be written,that part of the media will be seen brighter to you whereas low reflectivity medias will be seen as darker color.


Another thing i discovered recently.

The worst thing i hate about Nero Burning Rom program is that it forces you
to write in Disc At Once format. However DAO format has some weaknesses such
as decrease in readability of the media.

Nero dosent allow you you write in Track At Once format which is much higher level of readability compared to DAO format.

I recommend you to write in Track At Once unless you are writing DVD Video or DVD Audio.


Interesting… never notice that…

Could you recommand some burning softwares that allows TAO(if you know which one)?


Nero doesn’t support TAO? I missing something here?

Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 and NTI CD/DVD Maker allows you to write in Track At Once

I dont know why this DAO thing hasnt been changed until today despite many
revision updates made to Nero stuff.


Please take a look at the picture :


And explain me that if you can plz. :P

OOps…my mistake! :o
I thought you were reffering to CD’s as well. :confused:

RecordNow 4.6 is able to burn TAO. I use Nero for burning CDs, but when it comes to DVDs I do not trust Nero. I had a couple of media that I could not burn on my old Sony 500A, when I use the same media burning it with RecordNow it burns them well. Since then I use only RecordNow or CopytoDVD