Firmware builds

do new firmwares include what was in the last firmware. say i wanted to upgrade from b7p9 to b7u9. will the b7u9 consists of the firmware revisons that were in the b7p9, b7s9 and b7t9 versions that came before.

that’s why i’m having difficulty deciding which one to flash to, even if i should at all. i know people say you should only flash if you have problems with certain media. but human nature is to get the most current stuff.

i ask this because i mainly use tdk’s and memorex discs. so from i read the b7p9 would suffice. but is their other performance advantages in flashing to the latest and greatest. i hate to miss out.

TDK and memorex rebrand the disc types…so they can be made in japan(MIJ) or made in tawain(MIT)…thus the media code can be different and some can be poorer quality
MIJ are often Taiyo yuden…very good
MIT can be CMC…not very high quality

with that said …if you have alot cheap media B7S9 is supposedly good…

many will say P9 is one of the better fw for the drive…I would recommend P9