Firmware Benq DW1620

I just purchased Benq dw1620. cdfreaks lists (3) firmware updates. I am not sure how these firmware updates work. Do you install all updates or is one of them the “latest” and includes all the previous updates? New to this and not sure how to proceed. Please help. :bow:

u should only install the last one
be it G7P9 or b7P9 depending on your current firmware

patriot > You talking about flashing it 3 times to get to B7P9?¿

Congratulations, You may flash to the latest update (no need for 3/4 step flash) this way:
If your existing firmwae is B7xx, then just go to the Global BenQ support site and down load Official B7P9 and run the flasher. Reboot

If your firmware is G7xx, then go to the unofficial BenQ firmware site (top of forum) & download the WinDWflash app & the B7P9 .cvt file, run WinDWflash loading the B7P9.cvt file and flash your drive. Reboot. Once this is done, You will then be able to flash using the official B7xx firmware from BenQ in the future.

which is the best way to update the firmware…cvt or .exe for 1620 OEM?

i tried both of them . Both worked. Some say one is better than the other

I try flashing my bulk 1620 f/w G7L9 to a retail but have no luck, always a checksum error or another error, any one else have this trouble or know how to fix it?

Try this, Re-download B7xx firmware you want to load (file may be corrupted), Down load WinDWflash. Make sure there is no media in drive & drive is on IDE 80 wire cable, drive jumpered to master and drive is shown as “Ultra DMA Mode 2” in Win Hardware Device Mgr.
Reboot computer to safe mode. Run WinDWflash, load the cvt file you want to upgrade to, Flash the drive, reboot & check in CD Speed or DVDInfo Pro or Nero Info tool as to what your firmware now is to confirm.
If this does not work, make sure your system is stable & not overclocked to max, use Dos flasher from Dangerous Bros site.
Good luck

if I use winDWflash with a .cvt file to flash my Benq, you suggest doing it under safe mode? Does it flash better than under xp?

In safe mode, you do not have to worry/concern yourself with Virus program starting up &/or downloading, Windows performing an auto-update on you, etc. Just a cleaner way to install firmware, but hey, if you do not have those concerns, just hit flash in XP. But make sure there is no media in drive.

I used the cvt files and executable at to take a Philips 8601 in my Dell 4700 to a Benq 1620 B7S9

Hadn’t read the suggestion about booting to safe mode.
Luckily, all’s fine :slight_smile:

I am newbie as well. Just bought 1620 retail and flashed to B7T9 (uploaded today in BQ site). The flasher says successful, but how do I verify what firmware I have now. Tx

u cand do it either with frewware program such as cd speed or dvdinfopro or nero infotool

Go to in the program menu Nero->Nero Toolkit->Nero InfoTool

Make sure your drive is selected and it should display the firmware version in its “Drive” info panel.

Thanks. Downloaded neroinfotool. Works like a charm.
Another newbie question:

My 1620 comes withSonic RecordNow. Is this a good software to use? I plan on burning backup of dvd movies, my HDD important data. Speed of burn is not that critical to me, 4x 8x are ok if I do not have to buy another software. TIA

Well mine came with the deluxe version too. And a lot of people said that sonic might do a better job than nero when it comes to quality
If u a backin up movies I strongly advise u to use 2 freware software that works like a charm with benq dvd shrink and dvddecriptor.
1 one is for reducing the size of the dvd and eliminating all unwanted files and the second one could also be used as a good burner
congrats on the purchase. Believe it is thrill (even after 2 month)

Sonic RecordNow is good software and should work fine for you. I use Nero myself, but only because I have used it for years. I tried RecordNow for a while and it worked fine. But there’s a magic registry switch that allows Nero to tell you its current burning speed moment by moment - instead of just 8X or 12X. That’s probably the main reason that I switched back to it.

However, Nero Ultra Edition seems to come with one extra package that I’ve just discovered: NeroVision Express 3. This package allows me to convert an XVID/DIVX avi file to the files needed to burn the movie to a standard DVD that’s watchable on all set top players. And it seems to do a good job of it.

Thanks, guys.
Patriot, sorry for hijacking this thread.

What magic registry

First make sure Nero is SHUT DOWN or it will overwrite this change.

Next, click Start->Run and enter Regedit to launch the registry editor.

Go to the following place in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder

The window pane to the right should have about 20 or so entries already in it. But chances are that the value “ShowSingleRecorderSpeed” is not present. To add it, right-click in a blank area in this window pane and from the popup menu select “New” and then “DWord Value”. This will give you a new entry with the default name “New Value #1”. Rename it to “ShowSingleRecorderSpeed” and set its “Value Data” to a 1. The Base can be either Hex or Decimal, since a 1 is the same for both.

Close the registry editor and restart Nero. Begin burning a DVD and Nero will tell you the current burn speed (in the place where it normally just gives you the 4X/8X/12X/16X selection) as soon as it clears the Lead In. This will work for CD burning as well.

I really like this because it shows me exactly what my burns are currently doing from a speed point of view.

Let me know if this works OK for you. Be a bit careful in the registry, particularly if you’re not familiar with it, and especially when you are deleting things in it (which you probably will not need to do for this simple addition).