Firmware BBIA for BenQ DW1625




Media Code Speed Edit V

Firmware: BENQ    DVD DD DW1625   BBIA
Bootcode: HP      DVD Writer 640c FS04

Overall supported media types:  168
DVD+R9  supported media types:    7
DVD+RW  supported media types:   17
DVD-R   supported media types:  125
DVD-RW  supported media types:   19

DVD+R9  supported media types:    7
CMC MAG  D01    2.4x
INFOME   D01    2.4x
MKM      001    4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  CD2    2.4x
PHILIPS  PD2    2.4x
PRODISC  D01    2.4x
RITEK    D01    2.4x

DVD+RW  supported media types:   17
CMC MAG  W01-000 2.4x
CMC MAG  W02-000 4x,2.4x
INFODISC A01-002 4x,2.4x
INFODISC A10-000 4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 W03-000 2.4x
MCC      A01-000 2.4x
OPTODISC OP4-001 4x,2.4x
PCAV_DVD _ZO-078 2.4x
PRODISC  W01-002 4x,2.4x
PRODISC  W02-000 4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN W01-001 2.4x
RICOHJPN W11-001 4x,2.4x
RITEK    001-001 2.4x
RITEK    004-000 4x,2.4x
RITEK    004-048 4x,2.4x
SENTINEL W02-000 4x,2.4x
SONY     S11-000 4x,2.4x

DVD-R   supported media types:  125
1FUJIFILM       4x
4M SYS 202C1    4x
AML             4x
AN31            4x
AN32            4x
BeAll G00001    4x
BeAll G16001    16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
BeAll G40001    4x
BeAll G80001    12x,8x,4x,2x
CMC MAG.        4x
CMC MAG. AE1    12x,8x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AF1    4x
CMC MAG. AM3    16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
DATA TRACK      4x
DAXON004        4x
DAXON008S       16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
DAXON016S       16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
DKMZ01          8x,4x,2x
Dvsn A001       4x
Dvsn-160        16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
Dvsn-80         8x,4x,2x
FORNEX101       4x
FUJIFILM02      4x
FUJIFILM03      8x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM04      12x,8x,4x,2x
GSC001          4x
GSC001          4x
GSC001          4x
GSC002          4x
GSC003          8x,4x,2x
GSC004          8x,4x,2x
GSC005          16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
IMC JPN R01     8x,4x,2x
INFODISC-R01    4x
INFODISC-R20    8x,4x,2x
INFOSMART01     8x,4x,2x
ISSM     01     4x
ISSM R01        8x,4x,2x
LEADDATA S03    8x,4x,2x
LEADDATA S04    16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
LEADDATA01      4x
LGE08           8x,4x,2x
LGE16           16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
LONGTEN 001     4x
LONGTEN 003     4x
LONGTEN 009     4x
MAM4XG01        4x
MAM4XG02        4x
MAM8XG01        8x,4x,2x
MBI             4x
MBI 01RG20      4x
MBI 01RG40      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
MBI 01RG40      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
MBI 03RG30      8x,4x,2x
MBI 03RG40      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
MBI 03RG40      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
MBI03RG30       8x,4x,2x
MCC 00RG200     4x
MCC 01RG20      4x
MCC 02RG20      12x,8x,4x,2x
MCC 03RG20      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
MCI4XG01        4x
MJC ME          8x,4x,2x
MUST 001        4x
MUST 003        4x
MUST 007        8x,4x,2x
MXL RG01        4x
MXL RG02        4x
MXL RG03        12x,8x,4x,2x
MXL RG04        16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
NAN YA F02      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
NANYA-JC001     4x
NSDR40          12x,8x,4x,2x
ONIDTECH        4x
OPTODISCK001    4x
OPTODISCK001    4x
OPTODISCR004    4x
OPTODISCR008    8x,4x,2x
OPTODISCR016    16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
POMS3A          8x,4x,2x
POMSI002        8x,4x,2x
POSG04          4x
POSG06          8x,4x,2x
PRINCO          4x
PRINCO8X02      8x,4x,2x
PRODISCG02      4x
Plasmon1A       8x,4x,2x
ProdiscF01      12x,8x,4x,2x
ProdiscF02      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
ProdiscS03      4x
ProdiscS04      12x,8x,4x,2x
ProdiscS05      16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
RITEKF1         16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
RITEKG03        4x
RITEKG04        4x
RITEKG05        8x,4x,2x
RITEKG06        12x,8x,4x,2x
RITEKM02        4x
SKC Co.,Ltd.    4x
SKC M801        8x,4x,2x
SONY            4x
SONY04D1        4x
SONY08D1        16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
SONY16D1        16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
TAROKO-MX4      4x
TAROKO-MX8      8x,4x,2x
TDKG02000000    4x
TTG01           4x
TTG02           8x,4x,2x
TTH01           12x,8x,4x,2x
TTH02           16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
TYG01           4x
TYG02           16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
TYG03           16x,12x,8x,4x,2x
ULTRAN102       8x,4x,2x
UME01           8x,4x,2x
VANGUARD        4x
VDSPMSAB 01     4x
WFI A40001      4x
WINGSHING04     4x
WINGSHING08     8x,4x,2x
Yi Jhan 001     4x
Yi Jhan 003     8x,4x,2x

DVD-RW  supported media types:   19
CMCW02          2x
CMCW03          4x,2x
DAXON_RW2X01    2x
INFOMEDIA       2x
JVC0VictorD7    4x,2x
JVC_VictorW7    2x
MCC 01RW11n9    2x
MCC 01RW4X      4x,2x
OPTODISCW002    2x
OPTODISCW004    4x,2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCORW0004    4x,2x
PRINCORW2X01    2x
Prodisc DW04    2x
Prodisc DW06    4x,2x
RITEKW01        2x
RITEKW04        4x,2x
TDK502sakuM3    2x
TDK601saku      4x,2x


Any news of the changes I dont see anything yet on BenQ’s website, any sign of 16x DVD-R support actually enabled etc (cant test myself just at the moment).


Still no 12x/16x support for -R and no 12x support for +R with BBIA.


Aaaaarf!!! I’m not the first to announce this new firmware… :frowning: eleewhm not :slight_smile:


Hi,but the firmware BBIA.cvs does not exist yet…

bye herny


Change log on BenQ’s website says just this:

Improve Lightscribe Performance


I’m sorry BBIA.CVT file…

My dvdr before was a Hp640 turned with firmware xxxx.cvt into Benq 1625, now can bring up to date it with this firmware .exe under Windows?

bye herny




ciao herny


Changes in BBIA are 1. Improve Lightscribe Performance. see at

Media Code Speed Edit V

Firmware: BENQ DVD DD DW1625 BBIA
Bootcode: HP DVD Writer 640c FS04

Overall supported media types: 248

DVD+R9 supported media types: 7
DVD+R supported media types: 80
DVD+RW supported media types: 17
DVD-R supported media types: 125
DVD-RW supported media types: 19



I’m unable to download the latest firmware from BenQ at the moment, can anyone tell me if the DW1625 can now write to DL Ritek media any better? Specifically “DataSafe” branded DVD+R DL 2.4x (d03?) media? Having just burnt my third cup-mat with this drive I’m starting to get a little frustrated with it as DL discs are about £2.50 a pop.

Prior to this drive I had the BenQ DW1620 which I can honestly say was the daddy for DVD/CDR burning - not one single cup-mat on either single or dual-layer discs. The only reason I ‘upgraded’ was to check out Lightscribe (which is cool) and because the DW1625 had a black facia to go with my PC.

If the DW1625 still has problems writing to Ritek Dual Layer 2.4x DL discs, does anyone know of any +R DL media it does successfully work with that they’ve tried?

Thanks for any answers.


Update: Have been able to download the latest firmware BBIA dated 30-8-2005 and I can confirm that DATASAFE (Ritek, D03) DL +R media does now work so no more cup-mats (hurrah!). Hope this helps others with similar problems.


What I want to now, is lightscribe any faster now with this new firmware?




Hehe! Do you think like me?

NEC will produce DVDR burner with ex-DiscT@2 Yamaha system: it is Labelflash!!

Labelflash (from NEC and YAMAHA) will do job in 5 minutes :bow: against 30 minutes :a with Lightscribe (from HP) :Z .

Hope HP will resolve this pb by a new firmware. If not, my next burner will be NEC or (better) YAMAHA (if they re-manufacture burners). :smiley:
And Lightscribe medias are too too too expensive… :sad:




What is the Deal with not Opening up the 12X and 16X on this Drive??? Is it Broken?

BenQ what is up?

I am so pissed, I’m about to return the drive.


Ala, Any Idea Why??? Is it Broken on this Drive. Why is Benq keeping it Shut down. I’m Sure the drive is capable.

:a :a :a :a