Firmware balls up



Dear EveryoneI just recently tried updating the firmware on my DVD/CDROM and to cut a long story short the pc got switched off during the upgrade. ( I have since terminated my son )I have been told that the dvdrom is now useless unless you can get it “flashed” ( GGC-4320B/TG9 ) I have contacted LG electronics and they do not provide this service…As this is one of the best sites i know i was wondering if anyone knows how i can get it flashed…or do i have to throw it into the bin…seems a shame as its not very old and i cant afford a new one at the moment. Many thanks .


I assume that you meant GCC-4320B, right?

Try using the 1.01 firmware available here:

You should be able to use MTK WinFlash to flash the binary firmware file onto your drive.