Firmware Backup & Update

New to the forum …

I have the LVW5045 with firmware 198 for the US.

Before updating with new firmware, is there a way to create a backup of the original (just in case)? I would like to keep a copy of the original. If not, is there a way to revert back to the original firmware if the new one is worse?

Is the current 201US (US firmware) better? I’ve heard that some people have some issues with 201, but not all.

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There is no way to back up the system firmware. You can use the program LtnFw to back up the drive firmware by hooking the DVD Burner up to your PC. I think it is a good idea to have the existing fw to go back to in case the new fw is worse. If you can do what you want to do now and everthing is working ok don’t upgrade unless the upgrade is for something you need to do or need to fix.

Maybe somebody has the update for the fw you have now and can post a yousendit link for it and you can get it to fall back on if the latest update doesn’t work out for you if you do it.

Thanks for the reply.

Been looking for the US version 198 of the firmware on the web, but no luck. If anyone knows of the system & drive firmware for 198US I’d appreciate it.

At this point, things are working fine, but I’ve haven’t had time to play with all the features.

As for the program to backup the drive firmware, I’m assuming that I’d have to take apart the unit to get to the hard-drive and connect the hard-drive to my PC. Am I correct?

It is not the HDD that you back the firmware up, it is the DVD drive.I’m not familiar with the insides of a 5045 but on a 5005 just taking the top off is enough to hook up the DVD drive to a PC without removing it.
I have the lnjcu197 fw update for the 5045 but not the 198. If it is out there maybe somebody will post a yousendit link for it.

Well, couldn’t find the 198US anywhere.

Finally got a message back from Lite-On about the improvements of 201.

The 201 version improve the problem of title thumbnails going dark grey and can’t be played. And the erasing of timer when it is past.

Went ahead and upgraded to 201. So far, no problems. Hopefully it will continue working :wink: