Firmware backup For IHBS112

Was still running my good old 165H6S until it died a few days ago. So I havent had to flash / backup firmware in a long while.

just order a IHBS112, and downloaded what seems to be the latest firmware (CL0J).

Before I do anything I would like to backup current state of this unit, I looked at the pinned topics and found reference to “EEPROM Utility <-- New v6.0.1, Flash Utility <-- New v5.0.0” from Codeking. Reading thru thread they seem to be for previous models? am I right?

if so is there anytools that would allow me to backup firmware before I start messing with it?


just found all writer blu-ray writer are all combined in thebluray forum,
If a Mod could move it there plse,

thks, _soso