Firmware B7S9 dammaged my drive



Hi, I was using B7P9 up until a few days and I thought of giving B7S9 a try. Well, I noticed the scans weren’t so good with this firmware on some of the media I have eg., OPTODISC 0R8, PRODISC R03, and MCC 003, all +R media. So i went back to B7P9 but I can’t the results I used to. On OPTODISC 0R8 I get POF errors and big spikes near the end of the disc, ever since I went from B7S9 back to B7P9 I get coasters with OPTODISC 0R8 and i used to get decent scans with this media before trying B7S9. The other two media i get huge spikes towards the end of the disc. I have tried reflashing to older firmware and back but I get same results now, I thing somehow this new B7S9 firmware did this to the drive.


If you did not use the CVT file and WinDWFlash then I would suggest using it instead of the EXE.


The EXE does not seem to do as clean a job.


I don’t think it is the firmware, I’ve been switching between P9 and S9 for a few times to test some media and found no such problem, it may be the spindle of optodisc since they are not top of the line, result may vary from disk to disk.

BTW, S9 is an offical firmware not any hacked one, it is just that it is geared towards the market in China and since AN31 media is very popular over there and the 1620 won’t complete a burn with it, this (S9) turned off WOPC so it can at least finish burning them but according to some hardware forum in China, users are reporting that altho they can finish the burn but still coaster for AN31 but there are improvement on CMC -R media.

Anyway, I’ve been testing some cheapo VDSPMSAB01 and Onidtech with both P9 and S9 and I actually found that there is no improvement of S9 over P9 with these media, VDSPMSAB01 actually over 90% quality score and this proves the 1620 is no longer a +R media only drive and it can now stand along side with the NEC as a all around +/- burner.


I revert back from S9 to P9 with the exe and it was fine, on both drive.


Thanks for the replies guys, i’m still in the process of troubleshooting this, and something else that I did that could of caused this problem is I updated nero from 6601 to 6603, so i’m gona try reverting to the older 6601 version and see if that makes any difference. I’ll post the results here.


I’ve flashed to most all G & B f/w’s and don’t see any problems with my 1620 :confused:


I use only high end media and I have gone back and forth with EXE and had problems burning, then I used the CVT files and the problem cleared up. My media test out on Nero between 95% and 99%.


Someone else on this forum had problems until they reverted back to earlier version of Nero.


One question i would like to ask is that does restarting the computer after the change of firmware sufficient or, should the computer be shut down completely and then restarted?


I just finished burning a dvd with older version of nero 6601 and doing a quality scan and it seems ok. This is after I got about 10 coasters with the same media (OPTODISC 0R8) with version 6603. Maybe, the new version of nero was the problem. Can someone else try the new version of nero and confirm this. I got a rating of 97 with the nero quality scan.


With anything firmware, sometimes you can get a bad write to the chip. Just flash it again. Try safe mode, this time. In fact, try M9 first, then P9. Let the computer restart and then turn it off (safely) in-between.

I also got damaging “effects” from S9, and the drive made some weird clunky noises until I had flashed it with older firmwares several times (forgot the actual process, but finally got the drive healthy again).

That advice to use the .cvt flasher was really good advice too!
The regular flasher doesn’t seem to write too well for some reason.

I am now able to attain very good results at 4x, so the drive isn’t totally useless, but it certainly sustained some damage from S9.

Hey, if you get S9 completely wiped out, I sure would like to know how you did it! I am still getting peaks at the end of burns–using DVDDecryptor and Record Now and Nero. . .


OMG, no wonder there are so many sheep in the market!


Ok, this is getting really interesting. First of alll I would like to say that my choice of preffered method of flashing the firmware is with the flasher and not with the .exe file and the flashing was done mostly with the flasher and the .cvt file. Now, I have seemed to fix the problem of getting coasters, I am getting good burns again. But, it’s not due to the firmware but the burning application. The reason this is interesting is because most of us blame the firmware for good and bad writing results and not really think about what effect the burning software has on the quality of the burn. Now, if I remember correctly, it was around the same time that I had updated to B7S9 that I also had updated my nero version from 6601 to the latest 6603 and that is when i started getting poor results, especially towards the end of the dvd disc. Now, this is what I did, I completely uninstalled nero and then reinstalled it back to version 6601. Then I did a burn with B7P9 and voila, I got good results just like before. Then I updated again to version B7S9 and again I got good results if not a little bit better. Then I created a few data discs using CDSpeed.exe v3.55 and again I got really bad results (coasters) with both firmwares. So, what it seems like is that the problem doesn’t lies in the firmware but the software you use to burn the dvd. I used nero 6601 to burn a couple of full dvd discs and I got goot results. I think this starts a whole new way of testing what kind of burn quality you get because from what I experienced today not all is dependent on the firmware alone but alot of the quality results depend on the software we use to burn the disc. I’m attaching an image of a burn i did after fixing this problem using nero 6601. I think the results speak for themselves.


Here’s another scan of a burn done using B7S9 with nero 6601 of the same file as above, both of these dvds were burned @8X speed. Now, remember I was getting coasters with this media when burning it with nero 6603, also If i burn a “create data disc” using CdSpeed v3.55 then again the errors are really high towards the end of the disk and there are many POF errors (coasters) and the discs are unreadable.


Ok, I went back to B7P9 and this time I flashed in safe mode restarted the computer and burned the same disk with same file at 8X with nero 6601. I think this has to be my best burn ever, and that too with these cheapo optodisc dvds I bought dirt cheap here in Toronto from for 35 dollars for a 100 pcs. I don’t know if flashing to B7P9 in safe mode made a difference but these are the same discs that I was getting coasters with earlier today using nero 6603. By the way i’m using this file because it is the biggest file I have available and I wanta fill the disc to the maximum.


I wonder if the presence of the newest Nero affects the burn quality of my DVDDecryptor?


@SonnyUnlocker : Did you use the exe or the cvt-flash when you went to P9 firmware?

So if I understand it correctly I must use Nero 6601 for burning and use the windvdflash with cvt-files for upgrading firmware? Then I’ll get best results.
Or am I wrong?


[QUOTE=WNTR]@SonnyUnlocker : Did you use the exe or the cvt-flash when you went to P9 firmware?

I used cvt file and WinDWFlash.


Did you roll back Nero to
& if so, did it change your writing results?
Curious, dishinit