Firmware B7P9 is better than B7T9 (BENQ DW1620)



Firmware B7P9 is better than B7T9 (BENQ DW1620)


Did you just use 1 disc on each firmware to test? How was the next P9 burn? CMC Magnetics media is so variable I wouldn’t trust initial results and say that it is better. I know a lot of people use it but T9 appears to work fine for me.


I agree that 1 burn each separated by a huge 2% points is indeed damning conclusive evidence that one firmware is better than the other. We seem to be getting really serious about having consistently perfect burns these days.



I used B7T9 to burn more than 30 DVD+R, none of them is better than those burned with B7P9 – I checked at least 20 DVD+R disks.
With B7T9, the averages of PI Failure is never below 0.14, nero failed 4 DVD+R (CMC MAG E01) .
At least, I believe B7P9 is more suitable for my BENQ DW1620, the other reason is why Benq US web site did not offer B7T9 for downloading – maybe they know it is not stable.



If you’re conclusions are limited to CMC MAG EO1 then I can go along with you to a certain extent. I have two machines - one with B7T9 and one with B7P9. Firstly I agree with the point that CMC MAG EO1 is just to unreliable to take seriously. One disk gives a good burn the next poor - you just never know. when i tried them on the B7T9 they were aweful. Also have problems with verbatim - which were never a problem with the B7P9. But Taiyo Yuden and Fuji seem to work just as well with B7T9 if not better. However when all is said and done different batches of disks can be different enough to give different results - so all we can have is gut feekings here rather than definite proof.

In this normal page, B7P9 is the latest one, why?


what is that qvideo patch for benq 1620??? what is it for? should i download it?? and do i need to flash my drive with it?


local website is often not the latest…
You can go to


No you don’t flash your drive with it


then what is it for? how can i use it? do i need it at all? what its use?


Wasn’t it on the disk that came with your drive?

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by jupiter you are right!!! it came with the disk and i don’t remember if I executed that file!!! my fears are coming true - forgetfulness - the sky is going to fall down on me!!!