Firmware B7M9 for BenQ 1620

Hello! It seems that I have some problems with this new firmware with DVD+R 8X Maxdisc medias. Does somebody have this problem?

What’s the media code on these disks?

Here it is:

                        Media Information                            

Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID Plasmon1C01
Media Product Revision Number 00h
Format Capacity Blank Disc
Free Blocks 405405696
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.70GB)
Book Type DVD+R
Media Type DVD+R
Manufacturer Rated Speed Unknown
Available Write Descriptor CLV 12.0x 16620KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 8.0x 11080KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.4x 3324KBps
Linear Density Blank Disc
Track Density Unknown
Number of Layers 1

                       Complete Media Code                           

00000000 01 02 00 00 A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F …&.?
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 50 6C 61 73 6D 6F 6E 31 43 …Plasmon1C
00000020 30 31 00 38 23 54 37 15 02 52 6C 02 B4 63 15 15 01.8#T7…Rl…c…
00000030 0B 0A 08 08 01 19 1B 0C 0C 0C 0D 01 00 00 00 00 …

Well it’s on the media list, so I don’t know what the problem is.

BenQ Qualified Media List For DW1620A Latest Firmware

On this page a zip file.

If I try to burn this media at 8X (or more, can do it until 12X), the burning time is as long as if I burned it at 4X!!!
And, with this problem, when I try to burn an *.ISO with DVDDecrypter, the burning stops at 10%!!!?

With the B7L9 firmware, I have not these problems.

I confirm that this media doesn’t function correctly!!!
Even if I use Nero 6.6, this media can’t be burned!!!

I can confirm that B7M9 is a pure firmware shit!
I come back to B7L9 and now everything is OK, but I can’t always burn this media at 8X!!! :/// Burn is more longer than it would be at 4X.

Erm…have you tried other media as well?
If you’re still getting the same problem after reflashing back to the original firmware you were using, it might be the miedia you are using.

I’m using B7M9 currently and I find that it’s a very good firmware…
It’s reported that some burns are a tad slower (prolly about 1x slower) on this firmware, but it gives me even better quality burns than before…so why not?

I love the B7M9 firmware! With Verbatim DVD+R discs rated at 8x speed, I can burn them at 12X speed with the DW1620 and firmware B7M9. Below is one of my latest scans and I am more than happy. It took about 6:27 seconds for the burn. All of my scans look very similar to this one; many even with 8X DVD-R media by Memorex (which are supposed to be crappy media). Below are my scans with the above mentioned Verbatim DVD+R discs (MCC 003) on a DVD+R written to full capacity:

There is no crappy media. There is only bad firmware or bad burner!! Yamaha CRW-F1 proved it! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the media I use is Plasmon C01 identity. So it figures on BenQ compatible list.
Unfortunately, I have problem with this media.

BenQ created B7M9 to correct burning strategy on some media types!!! It’s not innocent!!!

So I hope in the next firmware that BenQ will correct my problem!!

Have anyone of you some other problems with that firmware??

couse I uppdated to the firmware and now the drive cant c what cds he have in the drive. I gotta refresh to get up the name of the dics, or reboot with the disk inside. if you get what i meen by it.


I am having none of the problems you describe with the B7M9 firmware. My BenQ DW1620 has gotten better with each firmware upgrade and we should all be thanking BenQ for their great effort. It sounds like some of you are having problems with the new B7M9 firmware. It’s probably something with your systems or with your particluar drives. I own two BenQ DW1620s and love them both. They are giving me scans that are better than anything I ever had with my former Lite-On drive. BenQ DW1620 is one of the best (if not the best) DVD burners currently out there on the market. As far as BenQ’s customer service, with all their firmware upgrades that keep making our DW1620s better and better they’re absolutely wonderful. I think I like BenQ better than even Plextor; the old time champ of optical drives!

No, B7M9 is not “innocent”; or perfect as you probably mean. No firmware is perfect for that matter. BenQ has been releasing new firmware versions for the DW1620 faster than about any other company does for their respective DVD recorders. Rather than complain about your specific media not being supported, you should be thanking BenQ for all of their hard work. Besides, if your media isn’t officially supported, then you can’t blame BenQ for any problems that you’re experiencing. That’s like complaining that your car doesn’t drive correctly when you fill its gas tank with leaded gasoline when the car only officially works with unleaded gasoline.

Try using media that’s on the official list of supported media types for your BenQ DW1620. I can personally recommend Verbatim DVD+R 8X discs (media code - MCC 003). They can be burned at 12X speed with firmware B7M9 and they give great results. Total burn time is only around 6:27 seconds for a full capacity burn. That’s only slightly slower than 16X speed burning and they are readily available compared to 16X speed blank discs. Use whatever brand you like, but I would stick to what’s officially supported or brands that are reported/proven to work well with the DW1620 as found in posts on this forum from other DW1620 owners.

Maybe your media will eventually be on BenQ’s official supported list, and maybe it never will be. But, the DW1620 works great with a rather wide variety of media types and much more so than many other DVD burners out there. It’s not perfect and probably never will be. Nor will any one DVD burner ever be completely perfect with all media types. I will say that I am very happy with my DW1620s and love each and every new firmware that’s been released for them. My drives just keep getting better and better!

Here are some scans of the Verbatim DVD+R 8X speed discs that I mentioned above. They are from a DVD disc that I just burned today at 12X speed. The scans on this disc were done at 4X read speed and also at 8X read speed using Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.42. As you can see, there is very little difference between the scans done at both read speeds. These Verbatim DVD+R 8X speed discs (MCC 003) are very good media for the BenQ DW1620. They have worked quite well for me with all of BenQ’s firmware versions that I have ever had on my two DW1620s; including the new B7M9 firmware.

Hehehehehe! Surely not! :a

It was the same problem with LiteOn!! :a

BenQ has surely made a pact with medias’ manufacturers. :cop:

As I said, there is only bad firmware or bad burners. The Yamaha CRW-F1 was able to burn bad medias as well as good medias (CDR). It is the same thing about DVDR burners! :iagree:

I experienced some of the same problems as you sas-seb though it was with the official BenQ DVD+R 8x media (Daxon media code) and the 16x BenQ DVD+R that came with the drive writing at very slow 4x speeds and just general odd behaviour.

I’ve had relatively poor results with my BenQ 1620 compared to most of the folks here no matter what firmware I flash to the drive the quality of the discs is not as good as any of the discs like in the reviews or some of the scans posted in this forum by some other owners or even my NEC2510 with the same discs.

I formatted my computer today as a last ditch effort to see if that was the problem (having tried many, many things to make it behave) and it wasnt in fact the BenQ choked on a Prodisc R03 while making a test disc and refused to eject the disc till a reset of the computer.

At this stage I’ve given up and I’m replacing the drive with something else, if the drive still causes you trouble try taking it back to where you got it and ask for another one maybe the drive is somehow faulty ?

I don’t think my BenQ has a problem.
I place it as an external drive on USB2 to my notebook. Maybe the problem is here?

Sure they have. And there are alien spaceships in Area 51, and the government secretly has the knowledge of antigravity and isn’t sharing, and the CIA are tapping your phones.

Sorry, but there is a logical gap there. It doesn’t follow that because a CD-burner has the capacity to make great burns on crappy media that the problem with bad burns on bad DVD media is with the drives and/or firmware. Remember, CD-R technology is 16 years old. Ten from now, I certainly hope the drives on the market will have the technology down pat - I bet they will be able to make crystal-clean burns on crappy media too (though, I wonder what your Yamaha CD burner would do with crappy generic media from ten years ago). Because media is important to drives today, doesn’t mean the drives or firmware are bad. There is a much larger difference between good and bad DVD media than there is between good and bad CD media.

It more than likely is. Others have reported that they too have had problems with certian external USB2 enclosures. I guess some work better than others. Again, it’s an internal IDE drive and you are not using it as one. Therefore you say that BenQ is making a bad drive or making bad firmware. I don’t think so. My two BenQ DW1620s are giving me wonderful burns/scans that my Lite-On could only have dreamed of. The DW1620 is one of the best DVD burners out there. I think that at least some of your problems are because of your system or possibly your particular drive.