Firmware availability for compaq NC6000 DVD drive

How can I obtain a copy of the firmware for a DVD and DVD R/W drive for a Compaq NC6000 laptop? HP(Compaq) does not have a copy of the firmware and doesn’t support it. Tech support does not know who the vender is.

The manufacturer in the device driver is listed as “manufacturer standard cd-rom drives (HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4080N)”. I want a copy before I flash it with another firmware. I am worried if something goes wrong, then I am out a DVD drive.

Compaq OEM 4080N …

Not sure if there is a firmware available for this one.
What is the current firmware version??

How can you determine the firmware version?

Also, after threatenting tech support, I just found out that the DVD drive manufacturer is Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies (TSST) and the DVD R/W is HLDS. I will try and find websites for them.

Find out the firmware by using Nero Infotool, Discinfo, or a normal burning software.

This GWA drive is and OEM product licensed from LG to Compaq, so it seems.

The firmware version for the DVD R/W drive is 0C12.
The firmware version for the DVD drive is HP17. The model number is TS-L462.

I sent an email to LG tech support. They gave me the link, but there is no firmware for my model. I’m waiting on a second response, holding my breath :wink:

I’m waiting on an email response from TSST for the DVD drive. TSST’s website only provides a download of the Liveupdate program, not the actual firmware.

If I install a non-OEM firmware, have problems, run live update, will it find and install the correct firmware? If so, then I won’t need a copy.

Your 4080n has the latest firmware, so it seems.

The most firmwares I’ve ever seen for these drives are here, original and patched: