Firmware and read problem

Hi guys, I have to buy a DVD recorder and my choice is between NEC2500a and Pioneer A07. I’m oriented to chose NEC2500a, for cost and aviability. But I read about reading problem and Ritek writing problem. What do you think, are problems that can be resolved with firmware upgrade (that seems NEC doesn’t give us so often…), or it is an hardware limitation (specially for reading problems)? Anyone knows if an updated formware is going to be ready soon? Bye!!!

Problems with Ritek almost for sure can be solved in FW. I don’t know how it will be with reading performance.

But as a owner of such drive (namely TDK 880N - NEC 2500A clone) I’m really very satisfied with this drive and it’s writing performance. And for reading I will se - if it’ll be not correctable in FW (maybe it’s related to optical or mechanical part?) I’ll buy good DVD-ROM drive - they are cheap and read everything very well (namely I was thinking about newest LG drive fo about 30 Euros). So time will show.

I’m returning the NEC 2500 and planning to get Pioneer A07. I don’t like the idea that the drive has poor read performance. Every time it reads a burned DVD-R it gives differnet read error and sometomes it doesn’t give any read errors…

I prefer to have a drive that can do both well and no to have a dadicated drive to read and another drive to write…

Also NEC has poor OEM firmware support so don’t expect much.
Pioneer has allready published 2 firmware revs (now it’s 1.10).