Firmware and booktype Q for DW-D18A

I had 2 questions.
I have a Sony DW-D18A patched with firmware CG3E which makes
it look like a Sony DRU 700A for all the applications like Nero/DVDShrink.

Omnipatcher recognizes this firmware as VS0E patched for a Sony DRU 700A.

Question 1:
I use DVDShrink3.2/Nero to backup my movies onto TY01 DVD+R disks.
I haven’t used Omnipatcher to set the booktype since I thought DVDShrink
has the option to set the disk as DVD-ROM.
but when i use Kprobe on the burnt disk, it still shows up as DVD+R.
So does that mean DVDShrink’s booktype setting does not work…
and I have to use “firmware” (found in the thread that is linked to for LTNFW)
to backup my current firmware, set auto-bitsetting, and then save and reload
my firmware. ?

Question 2:
Also, If i want to upgrade my firmware… I find CG4E in the lite-on forum
as well as VY08 at
However, VY08 says it doesn’t find a Sony DRU700A on my PC,
even though the .exe itself says it found “only DRU-700A”.
I presume this is because it still recognises this as a DW-D18A ?
If so, which is the appropriate firmware I should use. I want it to
continue looking like a Sony for Nero and other apps.


DVDShrink does not burn discs, so of course it cannot set or change the booktype of a disc nor can it tell the drive how it should set the booktype when it does burn. I’d suggest going to and reading their Booktype utility manuals. If you don’t want to set the booktype setting of the drive to burn as DVD-ROM after each restart, then you should use OmniPatcher to modify a firmware so that it defaults to DVD-ROM instead of unchanged, then flash that modified firmware to your drive.

Your firmware version is not accepted by the VY08 updater since it doesn’t fit the VY0* trend. The updater is refusing to flash your drive because of the drive’s firmware version, not because it doesn’t think you have a DRU-700A.

Since dhc014 has done most of the work, I will just add to it by saying there is a version of CG4E in the packed file that has the Sony ID and this file will flash to your drive without any problems. Also the VY08 version, on our site, is already flashfixed, so you can flash this one to your drive as well (see my signature for the link to our site). :wink: