Firmware and bitsetting: does it matter?

Hi. i’ve got a NEC ND3500 fw1.18 and i read all about updating firmware and bitsetting but i’d like to ask something. Since i’m not interested in improving my writing speeds on some media, is there any fw that only allows me to set the booktype of DVR+R(W) single layer?
And is this bitsetting thin so much important to be the only reason toupdate original firmware with a not-original one? :slight_smile:
Thanks and sorry for my bad english

Binflash will allow you to automatically change the booktype settings for DVD+R and DVD+RW media.

It does not make any other changes to the official firmware if the booktype is set as DVD-ROM.

The firmware needs to also support SL bitsetting in order to make a change for +R +RW
The official NEC firmware does not support this function.
SL bitsetting can improve compatability when playing burned DVD’s on a set top DVD player.

Thanks for the clarification, Dee. It would be really useful if someone would put that information on the Binflash site. It’s much more to the point than “Depending on your firmware version not all kind of discs can be changed”. :slight_smile:

Bitsetting was only an additional feature. The program was initially written just for flashing your firmwares.:o

Friend has a 5 year old Toshiba standalone DVD player, it can’t play CDR at all, can’t play DVD-R, basicly he had given up on it until I gave him a DVD+R bitset to DVD-ROM which it playes PERFECTLY, so yes bitsetting does matter for certain drives.

For certian drives yes, but how many of them do already exist anymore? :wink:
It happens much in 5 years.