Firmware AN14 for LG GSA4163B?

i’ve just bought an oem version of LG GSA-4163B, while I checked the drive with Nero Info Tools, it tells me that the firmware is AN14. as far as i know, firmware available for the drive are A101, A102, A103 and the newest is A104.
now, since the firmware currently installed on this drive, it can’t read any kind of CD and DVD, and of course can’t burn it too. <-- my assumption
so, does anyone know what is AN14? I just wanna know…

btw should the drive be placed as “master” to update firmware? readme.txt tells me like that. but the problem is there’s only one channel for IDE Drive in my mobo, the rest 4 channel is for SATA. so, HD=master and GSA4163=slave.

so, can I update the firmware while it’s a slave drive? is there any risk?
sorry so many question…i’m a really newbie in a dvdwriter-world :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

I am wondering the same thing. I have my GSA-4163B as my Slave drive and I’m wanting to update the firmware. I would like to do this without having to change the master/slave settings and/or removing the IDE cable from my other drive. Does anyone know if there is a problem with updating the firmware while the drive is in the “slave” setting and another drive is connected and in the “master” setting?

I have not seen that firmware, maybe Kenshin will see this and give his input. As to the specifics of flashing: some people have no problem with the drive as slave or on a different channel. Others have trouble and when they follow instructions to the letter the problems go away. Only one poster I have seen has had a melt down but I doubt that the problem was the location of the drive. I would try it first with your config. if there are problems you need to follow the instructions. I just leave the lid off my cases these days. It makes life easier.