Firmware A302 for LG GSA 4040B


Maybe someone can help me.

I want to upgrade my DVD burner, LG GSA 4040B, with the newest firmware, which is A302.

I have downloaded the firmwarefile GSA 4040A from LG’s homepage.

The contents of the file is a readme.txt file and a exe-file called GSA4040A302.

When I run the exe-file a GUI named Driveupdater.exe - Maintenance mode ver. 1.2, shows up.

I the readme file it says I have to push the update button, but there is no update button.

The only buttons there are is named LOAD, GENERATE and CANCEL.

Please can anyone tell me what to do with this.

John Olsen

Hi John,

How did you run the update? Did you double click on the update file from within the Windows Explorer?

I had the same issue when I tried to execute it from EF Commander (a file manager that I’m using everyday without any problems!!!). You also receive the same “Maintenance mode” screen when you try to execute the update file from a DOS command prompt screen within Windows.

So my solution simply was to execute it from the Windows Explorer directly or from “Start”, “Run”.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.


Hello Thomas

Thank you for your tip. It worked. I did execute then firmwareupdateprogram from within the packed file, and therefore
it didn’t worked.

I still wonder why, I have never experienced that before.

I thougt I was going to be crazy, because I read everywhere that others just did the firmwareupgrade, and I couldn’t.

Thank again.