Firmware A104 released also for GSA-5163

Firmware A104 for GSA-5163 has been posted on LG service websites (I found it in :slight_smile:

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Funny - I have a 5163D but the firmware update (at least on the website) says 5163B. Is this a typo or is there another external drive? I thought the ‘D’ signified ‘external’.

It is just a very sloppy document, they probably copied it from the 4163B internal model and replaced the 4 with a 5. That would explain why it states that you have to connect the external model to a IDE channel. I just updated my 5163D to A104 using the USB 2.0 port and it worked fine.

Does anyone know if this firmware update is available for a Mac? I just purchased the GSA-5163 and according System Profiler my GSA-5163’s firmware is A102. I couldn’t locate any drivers on LG’s website. Thanks.

Hi clairejr,

as far as I know there are no firmware updates for this drive using a Mac. Since it is an external unit, the easiest way is to ask help to a friend with a PC using Windows 2000/XP. He just has to connect the drive through USB (or FireWire), no drivers are needed to install, so it is enough to execute the Windows flasher. Current firmware should be A105 if I am not wrong.

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