Firmware it really official?

NEC still hasn’t posted it! Curious

I really hope it is :frowning:

i’m worried cause i flashed it and i’m not sure if it’s official, and if i could flash the original firmware updates when they actually come out… i just got my drive a couple of days ago and i don’t want it to be ruined by this…

can i flash it back to the original 2.16? which firmware is the best to use right now?

Herrie’s 2.17 (3500_217bs.rar)


I actually just finished a burn of Fujifilm 1-8X DVD+R…Taiyo 002…a full burn in 5:50 seconds and then with leadout…6:08…I questioned 2.17 as official…but I figured that if there is a problem flashing later with a file from the NEC website…there are places where you can flash back via DOS to 2.16 and then do the one from NEC…right now I’ll stick with 2.17 until I can figure otherwise


why is it the best exactly? where do i get it?

and can anyone explain how i can flash my drive back to the original 2.16?


I think there is an official 2.17 release from NEC.

You can find the original 2.16 here:

It’s in the beta section…where you can see 2.16. There are three firmwares in the zip file…it is called something like: 2.16orig.bin. And there are instructions how to use the DOS flasher


As written here already, I doubt that this 2.17 firmware is official. NEC Europe has still not listed it on their site either.

You should not worry about voiding your warranty though. Even if the firmware is not official or “final” (as I think), it is no modified / “hacked” firmware, which means that it is from NEC themselves, without others modifying the code.

thanks for the help, i got the flasher and bins. i’ll keep version 2.17 for now…

I just want to know, what are the advantages of Herrie’s 2.17 and if it’s possible to flash back to the original in case i need the send the drive back sometime (there’s a two year warranty i’d hate to lose for using a hacked fw).