Firmware 1640 error



I have been having problems with this drive so i finally find the firmware to update it and i receive this error…

Please anyone who can help me?


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From a quick search of the G7H9 firmware, I think your drive is a DW1620, not a DW1640., and that you are trying to flash a DW1640 firmware [which will kill the drive]. At least that’s how it looks to me. If I’ve missed something, please inform me. :slight_smile:


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Albert is correct.
Your drive drive a 1620, with third party f/w.
You “crossflash” to BenQ 1620, which will give you more f/w updates to choose from.
You can use the BQFlasher of Quikee’s to do this.


Hey. Thanks for all the help first of all :slight_smile:

But I downloaded the BQflasher and i receive this error.


You need to read instructions.
The error means you haven’t put the wnaspi32.dll in the same folder (BQFlasher).
[B][U]As seen here[/U][/B]:


Download Frogaspi []. Download the file that has already been renamed to Wnaspi32. In the same folder as BQFlasher, add[drag and drop] the newly downloaded wnaspi32 file and re-run BQFlasher. Note that it might say that the flash command failed, but wait for the drive to stop blinking and it should be fine. I suggest ejecting the drive tray before flashing, as it will automatically close when the flashing is done.

Again, make sure you have the right firmware for the drive before you flash. :flower:


Everything seemed to flash correctly thanks for that :slight_smile:

But then I try using clonedvd 2 or any other program that says
Media read error or something like that

I have memorex dvd+r dl

Getting really tired of making coasters and i just want to burn some dvd movies. Any suggestions thanks :slight_smile:


Your media maybe the problem.
Try some SL media.
Verbatim or TY preferably.
For DL use, I would pick Verbatim DL + media every time.
Check no problems reading/ripping with drive.


So really owning this 50pack of blank memorex dvd+r dl is going to do me no good?


[QUOTE=Zoidbergas;2096146]So really owning this 50pack of blank memorex dvd+r dl is going to do me no good?[/QUOTE]

Difficult to say, but basically memorex isn’t that good a quality in general.
DL discs in particular need to be well made to reproduce layerbreak without to much loss.
This is where most discs fail. Though some burners aren’t that good either.
The 1620 is primarily an excellent SL DVD burner.
Perhaps with programs like CloneDVD & movie only option.
SL media will meet your needs.


The problem could be…the firmware/drive is old and the blanks (newer DVD DL MID) is not in the firmware :\ meaning the drive has no idea what you put in it and/or how to read/burn it.


Well this back up of Transformers is over 7gigs and really i was going to make all the backups of my movies onto dual layer dvds. I have burned many SL dvds with this drive and it has done me excellent. I am still though trying to get all of the kinks out of the dvd+r dl aspect of it.

Any more suggestions on what i should do with all the memorex dl dvds or on the firmware would be greatly appreciated :). thanks


You could try ala42’s MediaSpeedCodeEdit to swap/add write strategies.
But if you have not really tried this before, it could prove expensive.
BTW The reason I said that the 1620 was an excellent SL burner was in part due to f/w support. :wink:



So i guess i can conclude this of knowing that My optical drive is capable of burning DL content but it will not read the Memorex DVD+R DL discs that i have. With that being said what would be my best and cheapest option.


I would suggest getting a small pk of Verbatim +R DL’s and try them.

By the way i have a 1620 but i don’t have any Memorex DL’s and who knows what the Memorex discs really are. Do you have a newer drive to use to see what the MID is with Nero CD-DVD Speed app?

Here’s a link to the free Nero Speed >


I’m using this program and i’m creating a disc @ 2x speed. DL+r and everything is going smoothly, I am about 15 minutes into.

Normally with any other program it wouldnt even begin to write and then give me a media error.

Such as clonedvd2 or nero 8.

What exactly is this program going to tell me anyway?


Should the burn finish, post a screenshot of the window as it looks when it finishes.

Should the burn fail, post a screenshot of the window as it looks when the burn fails, making sure that you have the error window to the side so that it doesn’t block any part of the main window.


That is the error I received.


As I suspected.
Failed at the layerbreak.
Memorex uses many different coatings.
Yours as can be seen here is Ritek.
Most folk would no bother with this media.
If you download & use MSCE to see media support.
You’ll be able to tell if it’s worth buying any Verbatim DL.


I believe W9 has improved DL support. I never used “G” f/w with any of my BenQ’s. Only “B” f/w’s