Firmware 129 back to 119 how?

i have pioneer 111d now and fjashed it to 1.29…but i can only burn at 4x for the slowest speed,i would like to flash back to the original firmware or 119,i tried to do that but it said i have the latest firmware already…does anyone know how to go back to 119?
do i have to flash back to 106 first ? then back to 119? thaks

Why this desire to burn slower than 4x?

making a back up of my movies and i thought the slower you burn the better the burn will be…less errors and no freezing or pixeling

This is only wishful thinking…

Why do you spam??
You already had an thread about the exact same thing.

Using better media is really the answer.

Uhhhh just burn verbatim DVD+R or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R at 8x - 12x. It works fine.

To go back you would have to flash back to 111 version 1.06 from TDB. Then flash to 8.19 and then to 8.26. I have done it.

Falberni -

You should re-read Raymondtrudeau original posting in this thread.

The above information you have provided in your above #7 posting will NOT accomplish what Raymondtrudeau was requesting. Flashing to Buffalo v8.26 Firmware as you suggest will not get Raymondtrudeau back to the original Pioneer v1.19 Firmware.


Yes confirming 100% work, bye