Firmware 1.52 for 716A

At work we have a rimage cd/dvd burner/printer. One of these:

Anyway, I was connected to it through the remote desktop feature in Win2k Pro and was browsing around to see what hardware this thing has. So I opened up the rimage controller software and noticed it had 2 Plextor 716a’s with firmware revision of 1.52. I thought, well this is strange. I never noticed a 716a firmware with that name and was wondering if anyone had heard of it.

Thanks for your insight.

While I’ve never heard of any other firmware version than the ones published on the Plextor homepage I’ve always wondered if the ‘stock’ firmware is really suited for an application as you describe it. If I was to use such an application I would, for example, not want the drive to do any overspeed burning (i.e. writing a 4x certified disc at 8x) and if I would especially not want the drive to make that decision all by itself. For me, writing quality would be paramount in such a task. Such and other needs might be the reason why Plextor might want to offer specialised firmware for specific uses. I don’t know if they really do, but if I had to make a guess, I think that’s what we are looking at here.

Well it’s not used for dvd buring, on cd. Kind of defeats the purpose. I’m not up to date with plextor utilities, but is there one for dumping the firmware off of these drives? I would do it. Also, I may set up some burning software so that I can burn stuff while at work, no one would no since it has no monitor and has to be through remote desktop. Hehehe. I would like to use the thermal printer as well.

You are sure that you don’t confuse the rimage controller firmware with the drive firmware ?

The rimage software is reporting that 1.52 is the firmware revision for them. Next day that I work I will take some software with me just to double check.

Nobody rebadges Plextor drives so Plextor doesn’t have to release separate firmware updates like LG, NEC, Pioneer.

Buffalo does: I don’t know about I-O Data.

TDK used to rebadge Plextors too…

any updates kwkard? very interesting discovery if there are indeed custom FWs out there…

I’m on lunch break right now. I will be taking some software back with me to verify this. We will know in a few hours when I got home again.

You amost likely already have your answer. If it is a Plextor drive in a Rimage replicator, it probably is custom firmware for specific Rimage manufacturer parameters such as optimum speed for most media, copy protection, auditing info for source tracking or whatever they might think of. Chances are, like most OEM firmware, the standard posted firmware won’t work. You probably need to get to Rimage and request an update.

Here’s a screenshot from dvd identifier. Both drives have 1.52 firmware. What’s funny though, is you would think if it’s an OEM firmware that they would change the name string to something else. Anyway, if someone posts a tool to dump the firmware, I will tomorrow. I just can’t seem to find such a utility.

very interesting…thanks for the update…

looks as if the FW is probably conservative in its write strategies and would be of little benefit to us…but would still be interesting to try (perhaps there is a tendency for better quality over faster speeds)…

Very interesting kwkard.

In your DVD Identifier screen shot, the DVD-R DL is not checked as opposed to 716A 1.08 fw. Can you post Nero Info Tools screen shot? Thanks.

Well I try that tomorrow when I go back to work. It probably is an outdated firmware anyway. Anything else you would like me to post so I don’t have to make several trips?

How about some burns and scans on TY02, TYG02, MCC004, MCC03RG20, RICOH, MAXELL, TDK? All burns @8x, 12x, and 16x? :bigsmile:

How bout a quick +R YUDEN write!? I speculate also that such a firmware may lack GigaRec/Q-Check/SecuRec etc??

Quite interesting news.

I’m gonna take cd/dvd speed and nero info tool and a couple of discs. I will scan them when I get home.

Ok here’s the info tool screenshot

my two 716As serial numbers are very close to that particular drive (one lower, one higher)…i’d be interested to see the quality scans when you have some time to conduct them…thx kwkard…

interestingly, that drive doesn’t have a region code set and never had one (5 changes left)