Firmware 1.40 solve all problems?

Does 1.40 version solve all the issues pp were having?

Ie. Do I still need to use Stomp’s recordnow max or can I use alcohol 120% or nero for dvd-rs (or even dvd-decrypter for burning isos)?


FW v1.40 with Nero AND new 8x DVD-R media have solved all my play issues. (I was having play issues burning to 4x media left-over from using with my old DVR-104.)

Have either of you tried the Buffalo v8.40 ? If not, why not?

I cannot decide whether I should use v1.40 or v8.40 Buffalo…

That depends, on my 109 I use both, A09XL 1.40 for unlock ripping and Buffalo 8.40 for bitsetting +R and +RW discs. It would be great if a combined firmware was out. I’ve got about 25 more +Rs to go through then I can stick with the 1.40.

So, you just re-flash each time you want to switch between the requirements? Bitsetting +R versus Unlocked Ripping?

Reading, Writing, Ripping: Explain what you mean by Ripping please.

NOTE: I too bought 35 Verbatim x8 DVD+R discs, before I knew about the bitsetting etc. Will I need both 1.40 and 8.40 as well ???

I got it now: Ripping is reading faster than DVD videos or commercial titles, etc, are “supposed” to allow.

You got it. I do a batch of ripping with the 1.40. Then re-flash to buffalo 8.40 to burn the +Rs. I try to flash as little as I can.

Just bought the 109 as my 2nd burner and attached is my first TY DVD-R burn scanned with my BenQ. It was burned at 8x. I find the device buffer sometimes goes from 2% to 98% in an instant at varying times and the P-Cav where the speed almost stops and then revs back up to 8x or 12x almost gave me a heart attack having been accustomed to my BenQ. :slight_smile:

WOW: 99% quality. Highest I have ever seen. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should save your heart and flash to the latest firmware… (1.40)

I plan to purchase a BENQ for scanning and second drive usage, but so far writting quality of the DVR-109 look impressive

This burn was done with the 1.40 FW. I just burned another TY and the main buffer is 100% rock solid but the device buffer still does the 2% to 98-100% shuffle. I’ve never had a burner do that before can’t quite figure out why. Is it just the 109 that that does this or the A09 as well. I was thinkung if the A09 doesn’t have this peculiarity I might try crossflashing to the A09 FW. I never use my burners for ripping anyway so riplock or rip unlock for that matter doesn’t concern me.

I have the A09… at 8x the buffer drops once or twice… at 12x it is worse it does it many times and takes longer than the 8x burn. I was using TY media… So I think its the same? Anyone with the buffalo firmware have any input?

Well this is my 2nd TY burn at 8x scanned with the BenQ 1620. Quality seems good even with the buffer jumping around. i must say though I’m not 100% confident in the 109’s 12x burning capabilities but I’ll burn a 8x TY @12x and do a scan just to see how it looks.

My 3rd burn, ty 8x burned @12x using FW 1.40 and scanned with the BenQ crazy buffer and all. Not bad.

I also have a 106D, so I think I will use Buffalo 8.40 on the 109, and unlock ripping on the 106D.

My 106D currently has v1.08 installed (latest?) - does this FW have ripping unlocked?