Firmware 1.09 - how long more?

This is a scandal and outrage!, we have not had firmware updates since like early June or something?

And i’ve also got a big problem with the great lack of support and firmware updates for the PX-130A, 1.02 is still dated December 2004.

Come on Plextor, get off your ass and start updating your firmwares!
And…how is Plextor gonna compete any longer with the likes of NEC/BenQ and LG with the fancy “Super Multi” drives?

Plextor are severely lacking in a new kick ass product. It’ll need some high end specs to be able to compete with the above mention. We’re now getting 16x DVD+R, 16x DVD-R, 8x DVD+R DL, 8x DVD-R DL, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 48x CDR, 32x CD-RW, 48x CD-ROM, 5x DVD-RAM…and the read speeds have increased.

How can Plextor beat this? NEC 4550 can be bought for $50!

I guess till it’s ready

If I lived in Florida, would the above constitute enough of an threat so I could start gunning at Plextor employees?

It does not require to be a threat, it just has to seem to be one to you

And what do you expect an update to do? Usually at this late date any update will be just a few bug fixes and maybe some tweaking for a few selected media brands. The drive is mature and will probably be replaced sometime soon with another model, so there probably isn’t a lot of reason to do updates. Plextor has never had a schedule for updates, so why be upset because they don’t occur as often as you think they should? As for the 130, that’s a rebadged Pioneer. When Pioneer has an update, I suppose Plextor will also. If there is nothing wrong with the Pioneer, why have an update?

Plextor has never had a schedule for updates, so why be upset because they don’t occur as often as you think they should?
Because some people have paid twice as much (or more) as for a NEC and now hope it to become at least half as good?

@alexnoe: Good point. Over the years, Plextor seems to have come to regret that they have ever made optical drives. They are not interested anymore. And why should they? They’ve got our money already.

yeah my PX716A is a good burner for me; but not for the the price it costs

I paid for QUALITY, Plextor touts itself on “King Of Quality”…but at what price?, i could buy two NEC 4450 for the cost of one 716A. The NEC drive is more advanced.

The NEC drive is also newer than the Plextor, so it’s understandable it would be more advanced. And as I understand it, the Sanyo chips used in Plextor burners are more expensive than the NEC chips used in NEC and Pioneer drives.

Isin’t that the point?..if they don’t release a new product to beat all others they are losing market. And they are also losing market due to the very high prices for their products.

So if they release let’s say a 720 drive with the same specs as an NEC, one is $50 while the other is $120…which one will people buy?

That depends. For people that like all of the utilities/features that only Plextor offers, they’ll get the Plex.

The vast majority will buy the NEC, us guys who are into quality and know a thing or two would buy the Plextor. But even this situation is changing…since the 712A things have really gone downhill at Plextor, numerous problems, hardware and firmware. Numerous revisions…hardware and firmware, high prices.

Thus i think even the hardcore Plextor supporter is considering moving to another brand, and saving money…i know i am.

Well, what is it? You scream because they don’t come out with a new firmware and then complain that they have too many revisions?

I want the old Plextor back, kick ass quality and streets ahead of the competition…like they were with the 708A.

Can someone explain to me why I should stay with Plextor when drives like the BenQ 1640 offer all the same features (quality scanning, booktype setting, silent DVD playback, high quality burning) and even better specs?

I just got a Benq 1640 and in all honesty it’s a better drive than the Plextor I have now. Am I missing something? A fraction of the price and a better product. Plextor just doesn’t make sense as an option to me anymore???

Hmm, my PX-712A is excellent, even better than my 716A or 716UF especially in terms of DVD+R overspeeding. I don’t have a BenQ 1640, but it seems like it’d a nice drive to have in addition to my Plextors. If I got one I’d get the retail version which really isn’t a whole lot cheaper than the 716A.

Why would you pay for the retail version? The OEM is under $40 and works with QSuite 2.0 and has all the features.

The bulk version has an ugly bezel. I can’t stand it.

They’re both ugly, nothing compared to the sharp Plex bezels. Still, paying double the price for a bezel is something that’s beyond most people’s consideration. For the rest of us, the 1640 is a fraction of the 716’s price and given that it’s a better drive in all aspects that I can see, Plextor no longer makes sense as an option. If I’m wrong I’d appreciate someone pointing out what I’m overlooking.