Firmware 1.09 for PX 716A

nah it’s a joke; but why we don’t have any update since the last few months ?
my PX716A is like a drug for me and i want a new firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

get used to the long time between fw updates. Plextor is known for being very slow about getting out updates. I certainly understand… but even when they come out with ‘updates’ they don’t tend to be very comprehensive in updating write strategies, etc. They’ve gotten very lazy, frankly. What’s worse is that overall, they just don’t care. No offense… I have a 716a, and thought it was great initally, but a burner like a BenQ1640 and with how BenQ updates its fw so frequently and improves it significantly each time… my Plextor is basically relegated to ripping and just playing CDs/DVDs. :stuck_out_tongue:

BenQ better than Plextor ?
and it costs half the price ?
how it is possible ?

Why should it not? From what I have seen with my own eyes, with my own PlexTools scans, NEC has the best drive currently on the market for DVD+/- R(W) (it’s not exactly overwhelming for DL media) and is, at least here, even cheaper than BenQ… but then, NEC doesn’t waste money on making a fancy design: A newbie couldn’t even tell a drive was NEC because the front bezel doesn’t give any indicating if you don’t know what a NEC drive looks like…

It appears the basic company philosophy is at least more dedicated to putting out a better product than Plextor (at least factoring in the price) is one reason why. I certainly can’t disagree with AlexNoe about NEC, as NEC typically has had a solid reputation as burners.

Plextor used to be VERY concerned about its reputation, and worked hard on the quality of their burners. However, my reading indicates that stopped around the introduction of the 712/716 line. Whoever’s running Plextor now really doesn’t care to back up their product, nor make it like they used to. Sure, they could turn things around and improve–but only if they wanted to–and there’s no indication they want to. :eek:

when i bought the PX716A; (around 120€!) i think: hmm; this burner is expensive; but is the only with the austostrategy and a lot of other cool things; but if i knew that the NEC made better burn i will buy it for sure.
i am a victim of plextor’s good reputation (at the time of the cd; it was the best brand!)
my mistake: i have bought the PX716A without reading the cdfreaks forums !

never happenning again for sure

Why care for some idiots who are willing to pay a lot of extra money for a reputation that’s no longer true if the masses buy a re-badged 740 because it sounds cheap for a Plextor?

It’s only a comment, but I have bought 5 days ago a brand new Plextor Premium, because they don’t produce that drive any more.
It’s just standing and waiting for second PC for my son.

I can’t tell nothing bad about my 716SA after I changed my PSU. I have wrote about that in this thread:

There was a time (actually just in July) where Plextor responded to brjones reports and fixed the problem in less than 24 hours, ie Plextools 2.24a released on July 12 – brjones reported some error the same day – and Plextools 2.24b released the next day, July 13th. :slight_smile:

I Agree with Quema34

And in my eyes plextools was/is nothing more then a tool. I have never seen it do anything for me other then give certain feedback data on a drive.

Then you aren’t interested in quality audio ripping… :wink:


I can’t argue with that, Zevia. I can only say that it appears to have been more a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to add something, instead of being more proactive, though. Had they followed it up with a really solid fw update, then I would be waiting with baited breath to see what other goodies they’d surprise us with. :bigsmile: Undoubtedly those additions to Plextools Pro are good ones, but only for those who use it a lot for those applications. Otherwise, most of the stuff included in PlexPro is stuff I can already do with other apps I have. Undoubtedly the package is useful, but I can’t say how many of the other apps I might try. Perhaps if and when I try them I might go ‘wow,’ but the PlextoolsPro wasn’t what I was really including in my decision to buy. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is correct sir. My only interest is to produce a working dvd that holds the thousands of pictures that i take with my camera and the odd movie that i get off the tv.

To give this until now rather useless thread a new meaning:

FW 1.09 is said to be finished and might possibly be released next week or so.

Just for curiosity… who said that?

Regards, :slight_smile:


so you see: my thread is not useless :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering the same thing! Glad you started the thread!

My Plextor 708A appears to give me more reliable burns than my 716A, a big disapointment. I running further burns to determine how sure I am of this.

the links are here a least :bigsmile:

False links. :stuck_out_tongue: