Firmware 1.08 for PX-708A/UF now available



at Plextor Europe

Read support for DVD+R DL media.


Thanks aberzins! Added it to our Firmware database:


Anyone already tried if it works? I dont want to be the first one :stuck_out_tongue: !


anyone here tried the new firmware? keep us posted… :slight_smile:



I think there is no need to update to 1.08, unless you are using dual-layer DVD+R without booktype-setting to DVD-ROM.


Well I may give it a try after work tonight but I kinda don’t want to chance it. 1.07 was the first firmware that made my 708a work 100%. Anyone notice that this firmware is 10kb smaller than 1.07? Did they delete write strategies for some media or something?

I think I may pass on this one.


I agree with Hirngrantn, why update unless you’re willing to pay big bucks for dual-layer and thank you Plextor for 1.07. Before firmware 1.07 the drive was a piece of junk now it will burn just about everything I throw at it.


If it ain’t broke why upgrade to the latest firmware. But I’m curious to see if my 708A will function ok if I used the latest firmware. I’m still using firmware 1.04 and have had no problems with the drive. I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow if I should try out the latest firmware. I do see that the change log is READ SUPPORT for DVD+R dual layer media.


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im still using 1.06 and i really dont want to mess with it :smiley: works great for me


Sorry guys, I would have installed this version but I’ve sold my computer… Hopefully my new one will arrive here next Saturday so I can install firmware 1.08.


I flashed to 1.08 and so far it works just like 1.07. The interesting thing is the dvdinfopro doesnt say that it can read dvd+r DL.


Neither does Nero Infotool…


My PX-708A with 1.07 FW was able to read a DVD+R DL disc with booktype set to DVD-ROM, so 1.08 is mainly for reading DVD+R DL with DVD+R booktype, right?


I’m not realy sure. I cant get any programs to say that it can read DVD+R DL.


I thought it wasn’t possable to change the booktype on a DVD+R(RW) using a Plextor. Did I miss this feature being added through a firmware update? I’m currently using a Plextor PX-708A with firmware 1.07.

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It still is impossible to change booktypes with Plextor burners.


Thanks for the reply Arrow. I was starting to get a little excited for a second but should’ve known better than to expect Plextor to make its customers happy. :wink:

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g :iagree:


Any chance for RPC1 version ?


this from plextors website…

Date posted: September 21, 2004
Added support for reading of Dual Layer DVD+R media
Added support for new +R and +RW media
Improved write quality on Ritek and Gigastorage 4X media

ive been having problems burning ritek dvd-rs at 4x without having rings in them, maybe ill get some help.