Firmware 1.07 for 712A?



I downloaded the new Plextools versions 2.23 and it says current firmware April 8, 2005 for the 712a is 1.07, but I don’t see that firmware update on Plextor’s website.


Direct download here.


I see you have firmware 1.06 listed for your 712a. Is there any particular reason you haven’t updated to 1.07? Do you know what fixes are in 1.07?


He is just lazy updating his signature. His BenQ is also 2 firmwares older. :slight_smile:


But why isn’t the firmware version 1.07 on Plextor’s website?


It is, its on their German site. The US site never updates.

And yes, the firmwares will work on your burner. ( I know people always ask if they can use firmware from another country’s plextor site.


The U.S. site must update because they have firmware 1.06 for the 712A.


zevia, I haven’t updated my sig cause I haven’t updated the firmwares… :slight_smile:
I rarely ever do any burning with my 712 anymore and the two newer 1620 firms are not as good as T9 on my drive.