Firmware 1.04 "Updated" for PX-716 released




PX-716A/SA/UF V1.04 (updated)

Compatibility with some motherboards

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Thanks eltranguil.
Hmm… why don’t they wait until 1.05?


Thanks ET, well spotted :slight_smile:


Why should they wait? This probably fixes some problems with S-ATA and so it will benefit both the end user and Plextor themselves (less questions addressed to support). I think it’s a wise decision.


Agree. :iagree:
I was hoping they could also fix some burning issues, ie PR too sensitive, and add more DVD±R/DL/RW compatibility etc. :wink:


does this fix the udma problem with the Asus a8n SLI Deluxe ??


one way to find out, right…


now i can set udma4 on my gigabyte nforce4!


this is great news and a testament that Plextor does listen to its customers (and relatively quickly IMHO).


this is great news and a testament that Plextor does listen to its customers

AMEN! :iagree:


I pulled my drive out of retirement to flash to this new firmware. It didn’t work right so I thought I’d flash back to 1.04. Neither the 104U nor the 1.04 recognize the drive now. Can anyone confirm this by trying to reflash back to 1.04? Thanks!


P.S I even tried the Dangerous Brothers firmware for the 716A and it too says “No Drive Found”. Yet it shows up in Device Manager.

Also, PlexTools doesn’t recognize the drive and none of the functions work with the drive. It shows up but not as PX-716A.

OK, I fixed the problem. Even after restarting, Device Manager didn’t update the drive. It wasn’t until I went into Device Manager and told it to scan for new devices that it straightened the drive out. Now PlexTools recognizes the drive. I did a reflash with the new firmware just to be sure.

Mods - You can delete this if you want to, or maybe it will help someone else if they have the same problem. My Motherboard is an MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R. Somehow the drive wasn’t refreshed in Windows XP.



quick burn test with 1.04u fw, on my TLA:0101 716a

media fujifilm dvd-R 8x
nero burned at 16x although its not full disk it didnt slow down
AS: on
PR: on


This FW with the plex tools update is very nice. The 716 is turning out to be a “winner, winner, chicken dinner” :bigsmile:




1.04U UPDATE The mobo compatibility isn’t all that changed!

I just did a quick survey of Plextor’s websites.
Europe labels it as PX716A104U.exe
U.S. labels it as PX-716_104II.exe
Japan labels it as just PX716_104.exe–they simply replaced the old file with the new version so the older version isn’t even there!

I diff’d the files and the binaries are all identical.

The European site talks only about motherboard issues.

The Japan site lists the following additions:

  • Improvement to peculiar problem to part specific mother board.
  • The interchangeability of media made with part DVD recorder is improved.

The U.S. site goes on to list even more details (PAYDIRT!):

Date posted: February 24, 20005

  • Fixed a bug in which there was a writing incompatibility on CD-R media when creating an audio CD under Windows Media Player which would result in a write failure.
  • Fixed a bug which could result in data corruption on ASUS A8N motherboards. (NOTE the specific motherboard is mentioned here)
  • Improved the time to mount a CD-RW disc which was previously quick erased under PlexTools Professional.
  • Improved the read compatibility for a DVD-R disc recorded with the PX-716 with some Sony DVD Recorders.
  • Improved the compatibility with some Sony DVD players when you recorded at 4x speed on Taiyo Yuden DVD-R disc.


great beeder


I think two of the most important improvements were not mentioned in the previous post. They are the improvement in write and read capability on all media. Look near the bottom of the list.


Aren’t the improvements listed near the bottom really applying to the initial 1.4 firmware? The updated version only fixed the motherboard compatability issue I heard.


Most of those were already listed on 1.04 as VeryBadBoy said. The update was supposed to fix compatability issues with the drive on some motherboards (in my case it broke it).

Quote from Plextor Europe

PX-716A/SA/UF V1.04 (updated)

[li] [/li]>
[li]Compatibility with some motherboards[/li]> [/ul]PX-716A/SA/UF V1.04

[li] [/li]>
[li]Support for newer 8X DVD+R media[/li]> [li]Support for newer 16X DVD+R media[/li]> [li]Support for newer 8X DVD-R media[/li]> [li]Support for newer 16X DVD-R media[/li]> [li]Support for newer 8X DVD+RW media[/li]> [li]Support for newer DVD+R DL media[/li]> [li]Support for newer DVD-R DL media[/li]> [li]Support for 6X writing on DVD+R DL media[/li]> [/ul]

[li] [/li]>
[li]Write performance on CD-R media[/li]> [li]Write performance on CD-RW media[/li]> [li]Write performance on DVD+R media[/li]> [li]Write performance on DVD-R media[/li]> [li]Write performance on DVD+R DL media[/li]> [li]Write performance on DVD+RW media[/li]> [li]Write performance of AutoStrategy (12X writing is allowed on 16X media)[/li]> [li]Write quality of AutoStrategy[/li]> [li]Read performance of DVD media[/li]> [/ul]


I have a question about px-716(v1.04u) regarding media compability.
the asian site gives this list, while the european gives another one with less compabilities than the asian one ( which one can i trust? does anybody know?