Firmware 1.02 or 1.03 with Plex 24?

What is the advantage to upgrade to 1.03 firmware on Plex 24?

Any comments …

I can’t remember at which site I saw it; but I remember reading an online report that 1.03 allowed for quicker read & write times, while also vastly increasing the ability to copy protected discs (…for archival purposes). :smiley:

PX-W2410TA/TU V1.03

Fixed Bugs:

[ul][li]Transfer mode changes from DMA to PIO when the system exits stand-by mode under Windows 2000
[/li][li]Autorun does not start on Windows XP system
[/li][li]A UDF formatted CD-R would be recognised as Audio CD (Windows XP systems only)
[/li][li]LED turns on green during software eject while the tray is already open[/ul]Improvements:
[/li][ul][*]Write performance for newer CD-R media and support of newer disc types[/ul]These are the official changes…