Firmware 1.02 for H22N available



A firmware update for the H22N is here - there seemed to be updates for others too.


I Hope ALA42 can Speedpatched this :slight_smile:


already done :-/


if anyone has this firmware could you PM…the websites are down and auto-updater is not finding anything



Try there





Is there riplock patch for the 1.02 firmware yet?


Let me explain. I downloaded v1.02 firmware and flasher (.exe combined) and tried to load in MCSE v1.0.9.9, but MCSE doesn’t show anything?


Unzip (Unrar) the combined flasher (you can do that by right-clicking on the file and choose Unrar (Unzip). The program will then ask you where to unzip the files and you’ll have the BIN file, flasher and readme.txt in one folder. Then you can open the bin file with MCSE. No new media codes added, though, compared to firmware version 1.01.


my flasher could not be unrar. it is password protected.


In can be extracted even with a two years old winrar. Which winrar version did you use ?


OK, I extracted the bin file with WinRAR, then loaded it in to MCSE.

Worked perfectly!


I use winace 2.5


Looks like you found the source of your problem. Use winrar.


Why would you want to speed patch this firmware? Just curious to know if I am missing something like some sort of advantage, or do you just want to change the write strategy for whatever reason? Thanks.


To get 16x Ripping speed for DVD-Video Single Layer instead of 8x?