Firmware 1.01 for Px-755a

Firmware 1.01 for Px-755a


Any changelog available?

What good is the firmware if you can’t buy the drive? Or can you, do you know something I don’t about this drive?

The drive is available, at least here in Germany.

Hi :slight_smile:
It’s here in the UK too.
Changelog is probably there, but I don’t understand Chinese.

Where in the UK, because I have a good friend in Yorkshire and I know he will send it to me.

Here, I’ll translate. Plextor firmware changelogs are always the same:

-Improved writing performance on DVD±R
-Improved writing performance on CD-R
:kiss: has had the drive on stock since Dec 15

My PX-755A is come with firmware 1.01 already.

Plextor Europe ( now has FW 1.01 online too. Changelog pending.

They have also put up the recommended/compatible media list:

Notice that this drive relies almost entirely on Autostrategy! Talk about cost saving :wink:

Notice that this drive relies almost entirely on Autostrategy !
In the full review of the PX-755A at CDRinfo
there is not any in depth explanations and testing about the new Advanced Autostrategy

like what YSS did already here for 4 MID codes and firmware 1.01
(but in japanese …)

However, if you compare the used media for the test and the Plextors recommended/compatible media list, you’ll notice the drive burnt the media (for example +R Verbatim and Yuden) for which strategies exist in the FW @16x CAV without any delays whereas all other medias where burnt slower, because Autostrategy had to develop a strategy first. So the criticism that the drive is a somewhat slow burner is only partially true.

Better a bit slower than b0rky 16x burn results :wink:


I didn’t read every last page of the review thoroughly, but I did note several inconsistencies: using the Liteon Drive 167T, when one like a 1693s would have been preferable; using only ‘middle accuracy’ on the Plextools tests and NOT using 2x CLV for scanning (they should have at least used “good accuracy”); NOT running the PIF test for each one. In those aspects and in my judgment, the review is fairly incomplete and doesn’t give enough information for me to make a truly informed decision on the 755’s performance, as I would have been more thorough on the PIE/PIF tests and run them at the proper scanning speeds for the Plextor. Basically, what really stood out is that the Liteon drive (1635) and the BenQ 1640 beat the 755 in several areas. That’s not to mention how even at 8x, 12x and 16x burning that the 755 was SO SLOW, and really not in the ‘ballpark’ of accepted times for those respective write speeds. That combined with the incomplete or improper PIE/PIF testing… I would only use the drive if some one gave it to me. If some CDFreaks buy the drive, then post burn scans at the Plextor 2x CLV speeds (at least “good accuracy”), with more indicative PIE results and include PIF error rates, then I’ll be able to modify my conclusions.

We all know about the variability in the results of “home made scans” even between 2 burners of the same name
and I think the discussion about the reliability of these “home made scans” will never end:

So could somebody please comment on the tests
made with the Almedio AEC-1000
"15. DVD Writing Quality - Almedio "

Yes, but it is odd how the person doing the review overlooked such necessary parameters. The person should have included the PIF scans (that was a MAJOR oversight), and done all the tests at least at ‘good accuracy,’ as in my testing, I never found any significant differences testing at ‘high accuracy’ and ‘good accuracy,’ but ‘good’ was as low as one could go for accurate test results.

Changelog from

PX-755A V1.01

* Added: Support for newer 8X DVD+R media.
* Support for newer 16X DVD+R media.
* Support for newer 8X DVD-R media.
* Support for newer 16X DVD-R media.
* Support for newer 8X DVD+R DL media.

* Improvements: Write performance on DVD+R media.
* Write performance on DVD-R media.
* Write performance on DVD+R DL media.
* Write performance on CD-R media.