Firmware 0658 problems

Hi , I recently upgraded the firmware to 0658 on my 1008. But It only gave me problems. Everything was working well before with firmware 0558 and I was able to burn DVD’s without any problem in nero. If it aint broken don’t fix it i know :sad: , but after I upgraded to 0658 I havent been able to write a single DVD(data and video) that my normal DVD-ROM,1008 or standalone player was able to read. Also in Nero(latest version) and several other copy tools i’ve tried(after uninstalling nero) my max write speed has dropped down to 2,1. So when I write a dvd it takes an hour with a coaster as a result.

I also kept using the same media that worked before.

Since i’ve read that is not possible to go back to an older firmware. Anyone has any suggestion on what the problem might be, so i might find a solution?


NM thread, it turned out to be a media problem after all.

Previously used SKY DVD+R 1-4x which worked perfectly

Bought the same or so i thought (but 1-8x which I didnt notice at first). These dont work for me.

Where did you read that you can’t go back to an older firmware ?
I tried 0658 wich gave me problem with Ritek G04. I go back to 0657 with no problem, and burned 2 DVD.


Christophe, Paris, France