Firmeware Update for BDP-BX2



Hi, I purchased this Blu-ray player just over a month ago, and the firmware is 11.1.002. The latest firmware is version 007. Is it safe to upgrade, directly? I have the upgrade ready to use, but I don’t want to damage the player. Thanks.

I’m not a novice with the computer, but I’m not too sure about firmware on other equipment.


You should be fine, just read the instructions if there are any.


Thanks for the reply. Upgraded fine. Thanks.


I loaded the firmware exactly as instructed, and it now will not play bd-r(e) or dl recorded after the update. Anyone with this machine might want to consider upgrading. I should add that it won’t play AVCHD discs created after the upgrade, but will prior.


BD players are made to play back commercial mad BD media and DVDs, not self-created stuff made with various methods, tools, sources and questionable results.

That is the ugly truth.