FireWire to become the 'Cinderella' interface?

I just posted the article FireWire to become the ‘Cinderella’ interface?.

A report in arstechnica predicts that the FireWire (or IEEE 1394 standard) is on a rocky popularity road and may eventually shrink to a niche connection status, rather like SCSI. This is unfortunate,…

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all i can say is: TYPICAL!!! :frowning:

I don’t understand these days the place of firewire, paralel, serial or PS2 connections. :frowning: I like the simple things, not loaded with useless interfaces. And if the peripheral require high speed, then exist eSATA connection, is faster. :X Almost forgot to mention the stupid FDD and PATA conection. :+

“The relatively high royalties charged…” Could it be that had it not been for greedy royalties, this article would have been about the demise of USB instead of firewire? Better to sell a million for a little profit, than 1 for a big profit…

There is also the superior firewire 800 which has never been implemented into m/boards and is only present on a few external hard disks. Could it be that firewire 800 has even higher royalties than the 400 standard? It’s a shame this high speed interface may never take off!

Sort of like RDRAM.

The Asus P5AD2/E Premium mobos have FW800, but installing the drivers for FW800 disables the FW400 ports so it’s completely useless for most users.

eSATA doe not have power lines (it requires external supply).

eSATA doe not have power lines (it requires external supply).

Just great :frowning: Add this to the fact that Vista doesn’t support TCP/IP over Firewire and you can put a nail in the coffin.