Firewire port not detected

I have a new computer and the Firewire port is not detected in the Operating System. The device not detected is external Sony DVDRW drive. It does not show in the device manager. It works perfectly when connected via USB 2.0 but not firewire. I have an ASus MB and I checked the connections and they are all in place. I tried uninstalling the OHCI Host controller and rebooting and XP reinstalls and detects it, I am stumped. Maybe I have a bad firewire cord but I doubt it, it worked perfectly before on my old computer. Any ideas.

Is this an onboard firewire or from a card?

Try with another firewire cable to rule out bad cable. Or if you still have the old computer, try the cable there.

your mobo came with an extra firewire thingy right? My asus a8n-sli premium came with a firewire port that takes up an expansion slot at the back, and you plug a red square block into the board. You could try that also for the hell of it.

Alan im confused. Device manager does not see it or the device don’t see it?
The main driver should be there. Service pack 2 buddy :iagree:

naturally attachments just stopped working

Yes, I have that all hooked up fine with the two connectors to the MB. It just doesn’t work. Yes the MB even says 1394 on the pin that need to be connected, that is all done.

bkf: That is exactly what I see in my Device Manager only mine say Texas Instuments in front of it., but the device is not recognized in the List of drives nor does it work. When I plug it in I can the hear the little sound that the computer make when an external device is connected but it is not recognized. Yes I have service pack 2, could that be the reason? Because when I first tryed it when I completed the new computer it did work, it assigned it a new drive letter, but it does not do that now, when connected by USB it works fine.

I assume an external enclosure, go see if you can dig a driver up for it on the website. Bet ya that is all it is unless your greg and plug led’s in backwards trying to turn them into FED’s Flame emitting diodes :bigsmile:

never mind that don’t make sense, if it cant see the device it wont ask for a driver duh

i dont have a firewire device at the moment and attachments aint working so i cant show ya anything

The drive is a Sony 810UL and it works perfectly, it came in an enclosure, I amsure its not the reason. I hope this has nothing to do with me changing the drive letters. All the other ones work and so does this when its connected via USB 2.

na it just assigns a new blank. it ain’t seeing it or xp would be saying something. let me look at my bios for a minute

I am going to see if the cable is bad, I really doubt it but its the last thing I know how to check.

Im my bios under advanced there is an “enable 1394 device” Auto or off
Take a look at the manual also for a jumper that deals with 1394

my drivers look like they came from service pack 2

That is the exact same driver shwing in my Device Manager. If yours work in Service Pack 2 why shouldn’t mine? Although I think you are right, it seems to have happened when Service pack 2 was downloaded. I just checked the BIOS and 1394 is " enabled " so I have to believe it is a bad cable or the Service Pack 2 just won’t allow this, but I had service pack 2 with XP Home in my last computer and it worked, now the only difference is I have XP Pro.

this may be crazy but blow away the driver and let xp rebuild it, not sure with or without the device connected. Who knows :confused:
what can it hurt. (same thing we do if this was a dma no burner in sight issue) I would try with device, let it figure it out

When you say blow away the driver do you mean delete it or uninstall it, will Xp detect it again upon reboot?

yea uninstall it. I dont see why xp won’t rebuild it. If you got what i got then the base drivers are there. I never tried it with a 1394 but have a gut felling it will rebuild just like a usb would

dont to forget to reboot
just like you would unistall a ide driver for a burner, a reboot and it rebuilds itself

Did you install any new programs, well duh im sure you would have but i think it might be another program that has screwed things up here. I dunno, ive had this sort of thing happen with a USB device due to a program and me trying to allocate a new icon to the device. Can you try another firewire device? Maybe it’s just the writer thats having problems at present?

Only firewire device i have is a camcorder and the firewire connector on it is broken so I have no way of testing any firewire devices. and no i don’t recall loading any other drivers. the camera just showed up when plugged in.

drive letters just should not matter. you would think xp would be smart enough to follow devices around. except the c: os drive. That you can’t change.

lol. oops my ques was at alan, lol. I am wondering if he installed any ‘finnicky’ programs that may have off set things :confused:

I did not touch the C drive, just changed the letters around so they were in order on my DVD-RWs. I am going to buy another firewire cable tommorrow but I have my doubts.

did u say u had tried the drive on another comp with firewire??