FireWire Hub with 716UF

I’m thinking of using a firewire hub with my newly purchased PX-716UF and my epson scanner. Anyone know of any obstacles that I should be aware of?

No obstacles, but don’t be suprised if you don’t achieve 16x burns. I’ve got the same drive and have never been able to reach 16x.

I’m happy with the quality, but 12x is about all she’ll do.

That would be a failing of the IEEE1394 chipset of whatever controller you’re connecting the drive to, or perhaps the CPU is the cluprit. The 716UF itself is capable of reaching max speeds thru either Firewire or USB2.0.

Zevia helped me out on this with a bunch of suggestions.

I ended up trying 2 different Firewire cards (imbedded with my sound card and independent) along with the USB2.0 on my mainboard, and a PCI expansion card. I was never able to get 16x.

I’ve got a an XP2000 with 1gb of ram. My burst tests with firewire were 32mbs but with USB2.0, I was only able to get 24.

I ran out of ideas, but feel free to offer up some more goodies. I’ll try anything! Thanks.