Firewire for DoS

Hello, i have an Ext. Seagate FW drive and wish to use it in Ghost,when i try to use it ghost restarts and starts to load pc Dos (thro i have tried dr Dos and Ms Dos all with the same results,it needs a driver.
when i go to Norton they say add a driver to the Virtual Partition and send me to maxtor and iomaga for drivers they will not work with the seagate,when i go to seagate they are far from helpful and tell me ther are no such things as FW and usb drivers for Dos and it can not be done ,if i point them to norton or to Maxtor to show them the driver they just ignore the questions and tell me to download there tools, see FAQ, etc but they never answer or provide any help they try very hard to discourage you from using support they answer with giberish i have all the emails if any want to read a joke that makes the buyer the punch line,can anyone point me to a Firewire DoS driver or tell me how to right one,this dirive was a gift and i am not able return it
thank you

Personally I cannot see why any manufacturer would bother supporting any obsolete o/s.
DOS was never written to support devices released some 10 years after it became obsolete.

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i do not want to support Dos so much as use Norton ghost to back up my drive ,Ghost run in Dos and they is no way around it ,so that is why, and it appears everybody but seagate has drivers for Firewire and USB,you can run your cd rom in dos so it is just loading a driver but i can not fine any driver and seagate is not abale to do tech support, it appears. They just tell you it can not be done, go away,we do not want you to use it in dos, use it in xp,and they just give route ansewers,and offer no help so i am hoping someone knows how to mod a driver or write one,i am not that quick so it is beond me

Ghost 2003 Personal Edition supports these things.

NEW! Writes images directly to supported USB and FireWire® (IEEE 1394) devices

Mr Belvedere,thanks for the info,i have been there and it is why i know that there are DoS FW drivers,when i run ghost it restarts as normal,but it say "iomaga DEV.NOT found,you may need to load addidanl drivers in you Vit.pitition, i need to get this driver,it seams thar seagate will not help,norton sends me to Maxtor or iomaga, but they are not of value,i think i need to write a auto.bat and a config.file,and of couse i need the driver

PS seagate say that there are NO such things as Firewire drivers for Dos and perty much say tough luck,it is the lowest level of cus. service i have ever ran accross

That is usually the case.
Why should any manufacturer bother with creating drivers for an obsolete operating system, I bet their are no drivers available for CPM either.

Hi braynes,
a friend of mine bought an Iomega external hard disk drive and Norton Ghost 2003 was bundled with it. He is able to use his firewire external DVD burner (Sony DVDRW-510UL). However, he needed to do a Ghost update using LiveUpdate. Try to update Ghost 2003 to the latest version, make a new boot floppy and try with the new one…

Good luck,


Seagate are saying that mainly due to the clowns on support believing firewire is only a fast Windows luxury. Ghost with firewire support - 2 floppies made from a norton menu - works perfectly with ‘Firewire’ using maxtors/seagates/others on Dells, Compaq’s/generic, etc. However, it will not work, ghost 2003 with firewire support that is, on a system that has both IDE and SATA drives/cards - it hangs.

It does not help having people here - ex Seagate support staff :slight_smile: - also say that ‘forget dos’ - that is not the damn point - it’s using a util to clone working partitions to new or reformatted drives, and YES, ghost 2003 does work from a bootable floppy with usb/firewire. So many people believe you have to have a GUI to achieve anything - not so. I can do things quicker from a CP in 2k/XP using Xtgold / Xtree than any kb/mouse working from the GUI!

well i have 2003 Pro with the updates,i am closr to geting it working with the iomaga driver,i am just having some trb. geting the config.file to find the drive.

Hi everybody,

braynes, I have the same problem as you (ghost 2003, A7N8X-D, firewire). Have you find the solution?


hello i tried to wright a dos file using the model of the one for iomaga but i am not good in dos and for whatever reason it starts to work then crashes so now i added a 200 to the case and back up to that and every so offen i drag a copy to the firewire drive
if you can wright one or know some one that can take a look at the file that comes with ghost and see if you can change it,if so please send it to me

Hi braynes, maybe you could copy and paste the config.sys and autoexec.bat files here and let us take a look. Be sure to include the sample from Iomega that they say works.