Firewire driver for XP

What’s Up brother,
I need to download package bad. Firewire driver for Windows XP Home Edition legacy 1394. Can you help a sister out?

Windows XP has support for firewire with no need for extra drivers.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2671786]Windows XP has support for firewire with no need for extra drivers. ][/QUOTE]This is true for the most widespread chipsets. On my old Dell Vostro 1500, there is a Ricoh chipset that is a combination of card reader and firewire controller. I had to install the drivers from Dell in order to get the whole stuff up and running.

@“sister”. If the generic Windows drivers do not serve the purpose, so please check with the manufacturer of your computer (or motherboard) for drivers.


You don’t need a firewire driver for XP.

you need an XP driver for firewire that is specific to your hardware.

If explaning the differences between these statement is required I’m at a loss of where to begin…

What does the device manager tell you about the status of your IEEE 1394 bus controller?

Maybe a simple uninstall of the bus controller and a fresh boot to reinstall.


Another point is to ask is 1394 actually turned in in setup?

Device manager won’t even know it’s got one if it’s turned off in BIOS

Allan has a big point mentioned. Most BIOS disable the firewire port by default. So check it and enable it!

If its still isued, go into devicemanager and search in the properties for Vendor and product ID, then google for them and ya shall find some drivers that fit!