FireWire 4 Mbps Max!?

Why does the back of the box of my new Sony DRX-820UL-T (which has both USB and Firewire connectibility) say that the FireWire is 4Mbps Max!? According to what I read about Firewire, it goes at AT LEAST around 100 Mbps. :confused: :confused:

400Mbps :slight_smile:

I know…so it must be a type-o…

Maybe they used a really dodgy interface chip that really can only squeeze 4Mb/s out of a 400Mb/s connection :wink:
It wouldn’t be the first time Sony has rebadged cheap products & marked them up 300% :iagree:

Have you checked the real transfer rate?
For instance, how long does it take to write a file to disc, and see what the transfer rate was?
This may be more informative than a label+

My CDs and DVDs seem to burn pretty fast. I can burn an DVD at 8x (16x is my max) in like 8 minutes…

I know a label is just a label, but it just made me a little nervous, that’s all…

Just use the speed burst test with Nero CD DVD Speed. :wink: