**Firewall/AV for SLOW OLD PC**

Hey guys, Im over at a friends house working on their system, it is as follows:

475Mhz AMD CPU

64Mb RAM


Windows XP Pro SP2

I am trying NOD32 right now for AV, I tried Sygate firewall, but it bogged the system down to a crawl.

Any suggestions for Firewall/AV?

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

lol I’m suprised XP Pro SP2 is running on 64 mb’s of ram. Can you just use M$'s firewall with AVG/AV? I know it isn’t much but it’s something. Heck if you was here close enough i’d give you 768 pc/100 ram that i have no use for anymore.

LOL, yeah 64mb…I have;nt tried M$ firewall, I disabled it as soon as I installed SP2, to try sygate. Is M$ firewall any good at all?

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

I have no idea. I don’t use it lol sorry. Where in AR are you? I’m in Springfield,MO

Neither do I, but it looks like this system that I am working on shall use it.

Try NOD32 for Anti-virus

Kerio firewall 2.15 (rules based)


Thanks! I will try kerio, already got NOD32 running on their system.

This project has ended!!! :iagree: