Firefox will soon support Chrome and Edge extensions



We’ve just posted the following news: Firefox will soon support Chrome and Edge extensions[newsimage][/newsimage]

Mozilla is working on a new API for Firefox that makes it possible to run the same extension code on Chrome, Opera and the Windows 10 browser Edge. In a blog post on the Mozilla website the browser developer today revealed Web Extensions, a new API that is Blink compatible.

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This also means the end of the old add-ons eventually. Mozilla is determined to cut their own throats in the name of “progress.”

I suspect this will be the last straw for many hanging on to Firefox, but I hope it doesn’t seriously hurt existing forks like SeaMonkey and Pale Moon.


At this rate there will come a point when Firefox will be so much like Chrome, you might as well just install Chrome.

This could also have a reverse effect on the extensions too because I assume it will be far easier to port some of Firefox’s exclusive extensions over to Chrome. I hear a lot of FF users say they only use it for the extensions, especially things like NoScript and Lazarus etc.


I use Opera beta but it can use Chrome extensions with an extension .
“Download Chrome Extension” .
I have that but currently I don’t have any Chrome extensions .
I got the “Download Chrome Extension” to try a Chrome extension but I didn’t like the way it worked so I removed it. There will probably be some I try or use at some time.


I don’t use many extension other the Acrobat, FDM, Logitech, video downloadhelper so I don’t have to worry about Chrome Dome…


I too think Mozilla is trying too hard to be Chrome. I wish they would spend less time becoming imitators, and more time improving things like RAM usage. That would make Firefox a better browser than Chrome any day of the week.