Firefox to get “Self Heal” feature



We’ve just posted the following news: Firefox to get “Self Heal” feature[newsimage][/newsimage]

Mozilla is working on an experimental system that should make it possible for Firefox to notice it’s broken and then proactively and automatically heal itself.

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And this will work until some enterprising hacker figures out how to hijack the “self heal” function and then has free reign to install anything on a machine.


So not fixing a “screw up” is now called “self healing?” LOL! A great indicator of society’s current penchant to not require us take responsibility for our actions.


This sound somewhat similar to the functionality provided by BrowserProtect, which I use on my machine.


self healing I tried that once and i died


[QUOTE=samlar;2749945]self healing I tried that once and i died[/QUOTE]
LMAO Great One…:clap::clap::clap::bow: