Firefox surpasses 50 million DL's

This is kind of cool, you can watch Firefox getting downloaded in real time, not updates (supposedly) at the SpreadFirefox site. Nice to see that there is a real contender out there that people like to use! :slight_smile:

I got my first version ( .7 ) a while back, and I am now using 1.0.3

I like it very much.

I just don’t get it…why would people NOT use FF…i guess those are the nuts who love pop ups…

I don’t get it either, I swear at least half of the people I try to get to use Firefox don’t ever try it, but the other half praises me for letting them know about it.

I started watching Tech TV (Screen Savers & Call for Help) before I got my first computer. Leo talked about it all the time. So Mozilla was the very first thing I downloaded. Best move I ever made!! People were constantly talking about pop-ups and stuff & how annoying they were. I would just laugh at them & tell them about mozilla. I don’t think I converted even 1 of them. Oh well, their lose!

Firefox ROCKS :smiley:

Tabbed browsing is neat, so you can have multiple pages open without cluttering the toolbar. Such a simple feature, but amazingly useful.

The only complaint I have is the Firefox bug (well known?) which causes the program to occasionally use 100% CPU when it views certain pages, usually with multimedia content.

Anyone know if this has been remedied in the newest release?

:eek: what!!! it uses 100% cpu power for certain pages? How come? why would it need that much power?

By the way…FIREFOX rules!!! can’t browse without it!!! :slight_smile:

I hate using IE in school so much with popups and the lack of tabbed browsing. But there is no way to install FireFox (as of yet).

Way to go! I use FF on a daily base (together with Opera) and I think it’s worth the download. It indeed helps keeping the PC clean. And it has nice features!

Would this work for you?

I’ll report back on Wednesday evening as that is my first day back.

On my PCs, I use Firefox.

On my Macs, I use Safari. Best. Browser. Ever!

Firefox is great (using it for this)- but many sites do not work with FF - they are written for IE, so rules of coding are ignored, and only IE will work properly. Also, many people are reporting problems with FF 1.02/1.03 and loading pages on forums they frequent (no, not saying this one). They have gone back to 1.00. It seems something has gone slightly awry in later builds of FF - and it needs a tweak.

I just read tat FF will soon support SVG. That’s good news :slight_smile:

What I really don’t understand is the people who try Firefox but then say they either hate it or much prefer IE.

Those people knew what they would say before they tried it, very dismissive people.