Firefox Quantum, Mozilla's fastest browser ever, now available in beta

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Mozilla today launched a beta of a completely new Firefox that uses a new engine to load websites faster than before. Firefox Quantum, as the new browser is called, is two times faster than the previous engine, according to Mozilla’s benchmarks.

Sounds interesting.

I’ll definitely give that a go at some stage but I’ll probably wait until it’s out of beta.

I have installed this on several computers in our house and it is noticeably faster. It seems stabile also but haven’t used it for very long. So far no crashes.

I installed this yesterday and so far I’ve been very impressed. It seems considerably faster.

From a first impression, I’m impressed - It certainly appears to load pages quicker.

The first test I tried was Amazon’s Today’s Deals section. On my previous PC, I often turned to Chrome to browse the Amazon deals as the pages stuttered a lot with Firefox, a right pain during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weeks. Even with my current PC, there was a noticeable stuttering when browsing the deals pages. Firefox Quantum does not show any sign of stuttering and also appears to load the forum pages quicker also.

I’m not a big fan of Firefox, but I have to say this new version seems really nice.

I’ve been a Firefox user for a very long time. So far back, I can’t remember the first versions. But I’m pissed off at their attitude towards their users, moving to less and less customization. So I’ve been trying other browsers lately, in anticipation of jumping ship when version 57 hits in Nov.

Right now I’m on Vivaldi, which seems a little bare bones in what I can do with it, but they seem to be more interested in privacy than many others, so I’ll be testing it for a while.

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I have been using Waterfox for a while now , but this new Quantum does seem a bit more responsive.
Guess I will run with it for a couple days and see if I like it

One thing that I have noticed is that Firefox uses on my computer about 825000 k of memory total and Waterfox version 54.0.1 (64bit) only uses about 492000 k thats a big difference

On my older workplace PC (Core2 Duo E8400 CPU), I tried a few page load timings with Firefox and repeated with Firefox Quantum.

  1. Open Myce forum, then into ‘Living Room’ and into ‘Say hi!’ thread - Before: 11.0s, After: 10.9s
  2. Open Myce news, then into first news story (Adblock Plus) - Before: 11.1s, After: 11.3s
  3. Open Amazon, then into Today’s Deals, then browse page by page to #5, allowing images to load - Before: 44.6s, After: 34.9s
  4. Open UK MetOffice, then open the Rain Radar map - Before: 8.1s, After: 8.1s

So apart from the Amazon Deals pages, both Myce (News & Forum) and the MetOffice website load no quicker than with the regular Firefox. That computer also has Windows 10 32-bit, so maybe the difference is greater with the 64-bit version of Firefox Quantum.

While carrying out the timings, Edge cheekily displayed the following pop-up ad:

Anyway, I timed loading the same set of pages on Chrome for curiosity and got 31.1s, a little quicker than Firefox Quantum.

While trying that quick test in Chrome, Edge once again popped its head with this.

With Edge determined to butt in, I figured I’ll time the same series of pages on Amazon and got 26.2s.

Yes Microsoft I believe you,… now anyone got an Edge pop-up blocker?.. :smirk:


I have never gotten that Pop Up I use Waterfox (64bit) as my browser and uBlock

I wish I had a video camera recording this, it sure felt like Edge (or Windows) knew exactly what I was doing as those pop-ups were quite creepy and or least surprisingly coincidental as it hadn’t shown a pop-up in the past few weeks. I did not even have the Edge browser open when it displayed each pop-up so there’s something in Windows 10 or a background Edge process monitoring what browser I’m using and possibly the page loading performance also.

So far I don’t recall ever seeing any Edge pop-up on any of my home PCs. I might try some page load timings later across various websites and browsers to see whether this triggers any Edge pop-ups here.

I just tried the Amazon Deals page tests with Firefox, Firefox Quantum, Chrome, Edge and Waterfox on my home PC and page loading times are much the same across the browsers. It took ~15 seconds for me to open Amazon and browse 5 pages of deals, with most of this time involving me aiming the mouse scrolling through each page. This is despite running over a slower 4G (LTE) based Internet connection in the evening (peak time). My workplace has 30Mbps VDSL.

Although Firefox and Quantum appear to load the pages equally quick, Quantum clearly has better scrolling performance and does not stutter while scrolling through the pages as they load, which Firefox does. Waterfox seemed to experience similar stuttering to Firefox, even though the page content loaded just as quick.

Unlike my Workplace PC, Edge did not pop its head while carrying out these tests.

For anyone that installed Quantum that already has Firefox, it actually installs alongside Firefox. I initially thought it replaced Firefox until I noticed the older Firefox icon in the start menu. Indeed this launches the regular Firefox version:

Wonder if they will let Plugin work?

if you’re referring to NPAPI plugins, Mozilla is still supporting Flash Player… for now. Everthing else is unsupported, and will no longer work with new versions of Firefox. You can still use non-Flash plugins in the ESR (Extended Support Release) versions for now, but those too will eventually become obsolete.

Guess then anything FF and Mozilla will do a thousand web cuts. Plugin like Acrobat needed versions will keep users on older versions and FF will find that out really fast when no one uses the latest greatest toy. Plugin support is key if a Browser wants to stay ahead or get left behind really fast. Disregarding Plugin will be at FF peril for doing so. If they want more Chrome users and IE, Edge users then by all means go right ahead that’s where they will be going if FF or Mozilla fails to forget whom got them to the position - they will soon dry up.

One thing that surprises me is Sky’s dependence on the obsolete Silverlight plug-in.

Sky sure loves to boast about their revolutionary next gen ‘Sky Q’ box, Ultra HD picture quality, 6 channel simultaneous recording and so on.

But just try accessing their online service in Edge and this rather embarrassing message pops up: :laughing:

Indeed Firefox Quantum is also not compatible as Sky depend on the outdated Silverlight plug-in.