Firefox program startup slow



My Firefox program startup has been slow, like sometimes around 10 seconds. I have only noticed this lately since upgrading to version, and it doesn’t happen every time, or maybe I don’t notice it everytime. Anyway, I haven’t changed anything on my system, I have no viruses/spyware, and I haven’t installed anything new (except Firefox


If you go to the Plugin page on the Firefox web site, I think there are some plugins to fix your problem I think it might be called ‘Faster Fox” or some thing like that.


That will not fix my problem, Fasterfox is for faster browsing, not faster program startup.

Thanks anyway! :iagree:


It could be one of your extensions causing it. Try uninstalling and re-installing them.
Or you could give this a go


I found this which you may find useful…


This thread is OVER 3 years old. I’m sure he has fixed it by now.

But, welcome to the forum, spend some time and look around.